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Expanding Expertise

Curiosity and initiative inspire us to be transformational leaders in the industry and are part of our commitment to being the best at what we do. That is why we invest our own money in research and development activities. 

Disruptive forces in technology, demographics, and socioeconomics are affecting transportation and communities like never before. How do we help communities evolve in optimal ways? That very question inspires our firm’s commitment to listening first, and then creating custom, innovative, and practical solutions. Our clients enjoy and anticipate communicating with us about the latest trends, opportunities, and changes in transportation. And we love those conversations. Creating and continuing regular conversations also fosters an environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and brings diverse perspectives.

Our process of combining client needs and priorities with our ever-evolving research and development investments sets us apart from our competition. This industry leadership empowers us to continually provide insightful information and timely, relevant recommendations for what our clients need most.

Active Transportation

Assisting our clients in customizing plans and designs to make great, safe places for walking, rolling, and biking

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Climate & Resilience

Providing specialized services to help clients balance the need to travel with the need to achieve goals related to reducing vehicle travel emissions

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California Senate Bill 743

Helping California clients understand the SB 743 shift from measuring impacts on drivers to measuring the impact of driving, and planning for its implementation.

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Communications & Engagement

Unpacking complex transportation concepts and engaging people with relatable visuals and inclusive conversations

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Data Science & Custom Tools

Identifying data-driven solutions to projects large and small through advanced technology, better information, and insightful analysis

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Emerging Technologies

Leveraging our research and development to identify new trends and develop innovative analytical tools that help clients stay ahead of the technology curve

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Equity in Transportation

Partnering with our clients to help foster a broader understanding of diverse transportation needs to better serve diverse communities

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Providing clients with effective freight solutions that simultaneously address safety, accessibility, economic vitality, and quality of life

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Land Use & Transportation

Combining our broad, innovative expertise in transportation planning with locally established values in order to give clients a comprehensive approach with proven solutions

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Working toward a core philosophy of safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all in developing transportation safety plans, improvements, and programs

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Transit Planning

Understanding both local context and the big picture alongside custom, data-driven, and customer-focused solutions to deliver world-class transit service

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Transportation Engineering

Combining engineering fundamentals and new technologies in creative ways to change the transportation landscape and tackle tomorrow’s mobility challenges

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Transportation Forecasting & Operations

Helping clients understand and plan for transportation futures in a changing world through leading-edge data, technology, and holistic analysis

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Research & Development

Developing leading-edge solutions for communities requires initiative, active listening, and innovation. At Fehr & Peers, we take a unique approach by investing our own funds into multiple research and development activities. Our innovations go even beyond the financial commitment – our company culture generates and encourages an appetite for new and better ways of approaching problems and processes. Through our unique FP Think efforts, Discipline Groups, and Technical Initiatives, we are continually looking for better ways to find solutions and embrace forward thinking. We would love to hear ideas from you for our next research and development venture.

FP Think

Clients often have questions about how disruptive forces in technology, demographics, and socioeconomics may affect their communities. What does this all mean for transportation planning decisions? FP Think is our own initiative to enhance understanding in these very uncertain areas. We explore how those planning decisions might be affected and what shapes the possible solutions may take. The specific content evolves over time to be responsive to changes in our society and the world.

Discipline Groups

Discipline Groups dig deeper into specialized areas of our industry. They involve collaborations between staff from across the company, fostering inclusion and multiple perspectives. The groups seek to advance our knowledge and expertise in specific technical areas. They are empowered to seek and share trends with the company, establish best practices, implement quality control procedures, and develop strategic research projects. Group leaders and members alike are actively immersed in advanced project applications and meet throughout the year to collaborate on their technical areas of interest. Collectively, the groups provide robust innovation and value to our clients, and contribute significantly to our position as an industry leader.

Technical Initiatives

What happens when clients ask complicated technical questions even the current state-of-the-practice is not equipped to answer? We empower staff to find those answers and the solutions to go with them through Technical Initiatives. Efforts range from developing our own quick-response software applications, to gathering more rigorous data, to increasing confidence in our predictive models. Our Research and Development program has created a number of significant accomplishments through Technical Initiatives in mixed-use development (MXD) trip generation, transit patronage forecasting, bicycle and pedestrian planning, transportation-related effects on climate change, neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) design, and dynamic traffic assignment models. Our Technical Initiatives simultaneously advance the planning process and create forward-thinking visions and solutions for communities.

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