Data Science

Helping our clients make data-driven decisions to improve their community.

In the information age, the movement of people and goods generates an enormous amount of data. Therein lies the potential to add great value and insight when liberating and sharing the data across agencies and departments. The Data Science initiative at Fehr & Peers strives to empower our staff and clients to think critically about transportation and urban planning data to help identify the optimum community-focused solutions.


We evaluate relevant data sources and coordinate with our clients and technology partners to understand data options and limitations.


We implement the appropriate analysis methods to make use of the data by leveraging our quick-response and custom tools.


We identify and select the optimal method to visually communicate the information so that it’s easy to understand.

Leveraging Data

In coordination with our technical groups, we consider the types of questions our clients are asking to develop efficient analysis methods, which are often derived from our own internally funded research process. Multiple data sets are combined to understand not just movement of people and goods, but also gain insight into how travel and behavioral decisions are made. Increasingly, the analysis is shifting to workflows implemented in geographic and web-based applications allowing a wider range of users to benefit from engaging with the data and tools.

Quick-Response Tools

Our suite of tools leverages our collective experience from around the country to help us solve our clients’ problems in a range of technical areas. Each tool has been designed to provide accurate, data-driven performance metrics in a quick-response format that enables us to test multiple scenarios and produces effective and visually compelling summaries.

Communicating Results

From the conception of the analysis, we consider the audience and implement communication methods to deliver an engaging and solutions-oriented story. With larger and continuous datasets, changes over time or before and after studies are becoming more common. The methods of communicating results are also changing from static reports and figures to dynamic infographics, charts, tables, maps, and web stories. The interactive visualization below is once such example displaying connections of collaborative potential between common project types with their data sources and our technical groups. Click here to view more visual communications.

Service Highlights

As Big Data becomes more abundant, our focus continues to be providing our clients with services that develop the right analytics to help answer their most challenging questions and ensure their plans are resilient to a rapidly-changing future. Through are wide range of data science services we are able to advise our clients on robust and accessible data collection and storage strategies while balancing privacy, security, and transparency as well as create data-driven tools customized for your community. Below are some service highlights:

Real Time Data & Smart Cities

By ingesting, storing, and organizing live data from many different sources, we and our teaming partners can assist with live travel/event monitoring, visualizing and reporting directly through dashboards for both day to day operations, day after review, and year over year reporting.


Massive Data Processing & Security

We have the ability to store, access, process and most importantly, secure massive data sets. We have invested in database engineers and data scientists to bring data from different sources together, automate functions that increase loading speed and keep your data secure. This service improves our ability to meet client needs on transportation projects and the experience can be a service of its own.



Every jurisdiction has a varied set of geospatial data available to them. Through our Geodesign efforts we are bringing all of your most valuable datasets together in one place for simple visualization and automated analysis.



As the transportation field shifts drastically to keep up with disruptive trends, we are continuing to push the envelope on trip generation. Ongoing investments to MXD+ means more accurate trip generation rates unique to your community incorporating the unique context of each project location.



CrowdSource+ allows for members of your community to provide their input and opinions on potential project improvements. Our upgraded mobile-first application allows for seamless use on a smartphone or tablet, giving communities the option to provide feedback as the experience their everyday conditions.


StreetScore+ & Crosswalk+

We are combining StreetScore+ and Crosswalk+ into one GIS web-based platform. This will allow for larger scale analyses with customizable parameters to be run across whole networks leveraging the data available in our geodesign system.

Open Trip Planner

Open source software like Open Trip Planner is being deployed all around the world. We have unique in-house experience to deploy and integrate multiple modes (transit, carshare, bikeshare, TNCs, micromobility) into your trip planner. The same technology is being implemented to provide clients with the origin-destination based analytics to answer multimodal questions.


California Senate Bill 743 VMT Screening Tool

Our updated VMT Screening tool allows for on-the-fly VMT analysis and reporting with an easy-to-use user interface. As we continue to leverage our GIS enterprise system expertise, we can customize this module for geospatial calculations and apply it to any type of prioritization, screening, or data driven decision making. 


Extensive Skills

As data science continues to become a larger part of the transportation field, the ability to build the right team of managers, analysts, designers and storytellers has become increasingly important. We have developed an automated skills matrix that leverages the knowledge of our staff and provides us the ability to create a talented and skilled team for your project.



Our Data Science team combines a deep understanding of data, thoughtful analysis, and powerful communication to provide insight to our clients or collaborate with them to develop tools and systems they can implement on their own.