Transportation Solutions that Improve Communities


Seat Utilization

Explore how demand management can include a range of strategies from how roadways are operated and controlled to behavioral incentives that influence when and how much people travel and by what modes.

Cullen McCormick Lays New Tracks to DC

Join us in welcoming Cullen to the Fehr & Peers DC team! Learn about our Visual Communications Discipline Group Leader’s move from Los Angeles to Washington, DC.

Fehr & Peers Tacoma Opens its Doors

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our Tacoma Office! Our new office will allow us to continue to grow, better serving our existing and new clients, and giving our staff the opportunity to call the South Sound home.

Transit Ridership Planning

Learn about the many factors within transit agencies’ control that could help bus services build their competitive advantage in this era of new mobility.

What are TNCs’ Share of VMT?

When Lyft and Uber (TNCs) came to us with a question — What are TNCs’ share of VMT? — we jumped at the opportunity; not only to help valued clients, but also to add to the dialogue about mobility and cities. Explore our analysis of six metro areas during a single month.

Layered Networks

Learn how various modal layers can be overlaid to create a logical roadway network that can realistically and safely accommodate all travel modes.


Bicycle & Pedestrian

Balancing the needs of all modes while offering expert knowledge of best practices.

Transportation Engineering

Integrating design and construction management expertise with extensive knowledge of planning and operations to provide the ideal combination of creative, yet practical solutions for all travel modes.

Multimodal Operations & Simulation

Rigorously testing and evaluating new data sources such as Big Data, software, and analytical techniques.

Travel Behavior & Forecasting

Developing and updating models, and applying innovative techniques that allow travel demand models to capture the interactions between neighborhood-scale land use characteristics and travel patterns.

Visual Communications

Humanizing transportation analyses through GIS/spatial analysis, graphic design, and 3D and future conditions renderings.

Curbside Management

Analyzing curb usage, evaluating design alternatives, and developing guidance on best practices that increase the flexibility and utilization of curbsides.

Freight & Goods Movement

Employing a ‘layered network’ approach to ensure solutions are integrated into the multimodal transportation system of a given community.


Encouraging planning decisions that move people safely, keeping them free from harm in any mode along their trip.

Transit Planning

Integrating transit with other critical elements including land use, the roadway system, and the adjacent network of bike and ped facilities.


Providing strategic technical analysis for alternative delivery projects for the owner or contractor team.

Land Use & Transportation

Quantifying the effects of various built environment factors on trip generation and mode choice.

Sustainable Transportation

Creating strategies that minimize vehicle travel, enhance travel efficiency, provide economic vitality, and personal choice.

Transportation Demand Management

Providing comprehensive planning in TDM program development, implementation, and monitoring.