Freight & Goods Movements

While per capita vehicle-miles of passenger travel have stabilized or declined over the past few years, freight miles per capita continue to climb. Trends in consumption, internet purchasing, supply chains and the distances over which goods travel, mean that ton-miles will continue to grow at twice the rate of US population growth. Increases in trucking, freight rail operations and port activity will impact communities, strain the capacity of our highways, and increase energy use and emissions.

Fehr & Peers has continuously expanded and evolved our specialized expertise in goods movement to meet the growing and changing demands of the field. Our professionals have experience in providing freight-related planning and engineering services to site developers, local communities, freight operators, and regional and state governments. We employ our “layered network” approach to ensure the solutions to freight-related problems are integrated into the multi-modal transportation system of a given community. Our strengths lie in our unique abilities to combine our extensive expertise in freight planning with our intimate knowledge of the local communities.



Extensive expertise in freight and goods movement


Our professionals have over 150 years of combined experience


Providing services to over 20 states


Solutions that strike the balance between safety, accessibility, economic vitality, and quality of life.

Major Generator Studies

Ports, terminals, consolidation, distribution centers, and intermodal facilities


Conceptual Design

Of access improvements

Community Accommodations

Including complete streets and multi-modal network planning

Statewide & Regional

Freight and inter-modal planning

Site Access & Truck Circulation

Planning including detailed micro-simulation models

Loading logistics

Including staging analyses

Truck Operations & Safety

Studies on climbing and safety lanes, truck stop, parking and weigh station operations

Intelligent Transportation Systems

For commercial vehicles

Freight Travel Forecasting

Models for all goods movement travel modes and mode shift analyses

Sustainability Analyses

Energy and GHG emissions assessments


Tolling & Managed Lanes

Assessing the impacts to freight transportation

Big Data

Using new data sources to better understand freight patterns and impacts

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