Helping our clients make data-driven decisions to improve their community.

Data Science

As Big Data becomes ubiquitous, our focus is on providing our clients with the right data and developing the right analytics to help answer their most challenging questions and to ensure their plans are resilient to a rapidly-changing future.

Quick Response Tools

Our suite of tools leverages our collective experience from around the country to help us solve our clients’ problems in a range of technical areas. Each tool has been designed to provide accurate, data-driven performance metrics in a quick-response format that enables us to test multiple scenarios in a very short timeframe.

Custom Tools

Why settle for tools that are not tailored to your community or project? We use a range local data sources to customize our tools to a specific location to develop more accurate and context-specific performance metrics. We offer clients the option of delivering these tools as a web-application or as a stand-alone model based on a commercially-available software platform.