New Office in the Central Valley

New Office in the Central Valley

Fehr & Peers proudly announces the opening of our Central Valley satellite office! Located in the heart of downtown Stockton, this office will help us continue to provide for and deepen our relationships with current Central Valley clients while further expanding our ability to serve the region. Supported by our long-standing offices throughout northern California, our Central Valley office will offer the full scope of Fehr & Peers services. We are excited for the opportunity to further engage in innovative ideas and expertise in planning, operations, and design with clients and communities in the Central Valley.

Central Valley Office

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Kari McNickle

Senior Project Manager

Kari is a senior transportation planner who has been involved with transportation planning, community engagement, and public advocacy since 2012. Her project work succeeds because of her genuine interest in improving mobility and access for transportation system users paired with her ability to build meaningful relationships with communities and stakeholders. Kari’s work focuses on active transportation planning, community engagement, and transportation demand management. She is a leader in the Fehr & Peers Equity and Community Engagement practice areas and co-led the company’s approach to safely shifting community engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kari is proud to call Stockton home and has extensive experience working in the Central Valley, including recent work to develop active transportation and bicycle master plans with the City of Manteca and San Joaquin County. Prior to joining Fehr & Peers, Kari spent six years with the San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) as part of a three-county transportation demand management program.

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Carly Hoyt

Senior Transportation Planner

Carly is a senior transportation planner with a special interest in projects located in the foothill communities and Central Valley region. In recent years, she has managed or worked on projects located in San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa, and Amador counties. She has experience working on general plan updates, SB 743 implementation plans, local roadway safety plans, complete streets plans, truck route studies, site access and circulation studies, and CEQA-related studies, including environmental impact reports and Initial Studies/Negative or Mitigated Negative Declarations.

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Francisco Martin, PE


Francisco is the Principal of our Stockton office and has worked in the transportation industry for over 17 years. He is dedicated to enhancing our services for existing and potential clients within the region and helping them address their specific transportation challenges. His work focuses on assisting clients in navigating emerging trends and new policies shaping the transportation landscape. He is adept at managing cross-functional teams, leading the cultivation of robust client relationships, and in delivering projects aligned with strategic objectives and financial parameters. He enjoys riding his bike around Modesto and playing golf on the weekends.

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David B. Robinson, PE

Regional Principal-in-Charge | Sierra Region

David is a principal and registered traffic engineer who has worked in the transportation planning field since 1994. David has an extensive background in travel demand model development and application and has applied his knowledge in travel forecasting to numerous project types, including transportation impact analysis for CEQA and NEPA, land use transportation planning, traffic operations analysis for project development studies, as well as transportation, land use, and policy development planning studies. David brings industry-leading expertise in understanding the interaction between land use decisions and the local and regional transportation networks. He provides clients with expert advice on changing policies and environmental regulations, such as the shifting focus from level of service to vehicle miles traveled, as well as helping to quantify and mitigate impacts related to land use decisions.

Additional Contributors

Ellen Poling, TE

Senior Associate

Ellen has managed transportation planning and traffic engineering projects since joining Fehr & Peers in 1990. Her projects have included traffic impact studies, environmental impact report transportation chapters, general and specific plan transportation elements, neighborhood traffic calming studies, freeway interchange project reports, and university-related studies covering a wide array of issues, including origin-destination surveys, trip generation surveys, and policy analysis. Her areas of expertise include university and city planning studies, environmental review under CEQA, and development site traffic engineering review. She currently oversees the firm’s work for UC Merced, which has been an on-call client of Fehr & Peers since the campus was founded, as well as the Stockton Transportation Master Plan and Transportation Impact Fee Update.

Meghan Mitman, AICP, RSP1

Bay Area Principal-in-Charge | San Francisco Bay Area

Meghan is a principal who has worked in multimodal transportation planning since 2002 and serves as the Regional Principal-in-Charge for the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in active transportation planning and safety and has provided her expertise on the Vision Zero plans for leading-edge efforts in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as many large and small cities since. More recently, her safety efforts have focused on the Safe System approach, which has included support for FHWA, Caltrans, and local agencies as they pivot their safety focus to this holistic and proactive strategy. Meghan co-authored the multi-award-winning California Pedestrian Safety and Bicycle Safety Assessments Technical Guidebooks, and she teaches as a national instructor for the FHWA’s pedestrian and bicycle planning, safety, and design courses. She is the current chair of the ITE Safety Council, the founding chair of the ITE Complete Streets Council, and a member of the TRB Pedestrians Committee.

Kevin Johnson, AICP

Travel Behavior & Logistics Practice Leader

Kevin has worked in transportation planning since joining Fehr & Peers in 2006. Over the past year, Kevin partnered with logistics providers in San Joaquin County to help them assess the long-term viability of their projects, in terms of access for labor and freight movement. He leveraged mobile device data to shed insight into the unique trip generation and travel patterns of their clients and integrated the data into the local and regional planning tools, developing a quick-response modeling tool to assess the effectiveness of planned infrastructure projects, identify remaining network deficiencies, and test additional local and regional improvements. The model data was then used to both build support for these projects and as the basis for truck and STAA routing studies aimed at increasing the efficiency of the regional logistics network. He also helped evaluate future labor markets for warehousing expansion projects and provided recommendations for connections to planned transit facilities, locations for bike/pedestrian facilities, potential routes for private transit service, and effective TDM measures to improve labor access.

Kristin Calia, PE, TE


Kristin is a principal that has worked in the traffic engineering field since 1995. Kristin provides effective and innovative solutions to projects from the conceptual planning stage through construction. She specializes in traffic signal systems, streetscape and lighting designs, multimodal projects, as well as roadway signing and striping, and has been responsible for the design of hundreds of traffic engineering projects throughout California. Kristin has designed and managed projects ranging from single traffic signal designs to projects involving several interchanges. She has worked on projects throughout the Central Valley, with recent work including completion of the traffic and electrical design elements of the SR120/Union Road Diverging Diamond Interchange in Manteca and current projects in Ceres and Modesto. Kristin has also worked extensively with other local agencies, including Stockton, Lodi, Lathrop, San Joaquin County, and Caltrans.

Mark Howard, PE

Senior Transportation Engineer | Traffic Engineering Design, Active Transportation, & Operations

Mark joined Fehr & Peers after completing his college education at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He was drawn to transportation engineering because of the potential to improve the built environment, as well as the opportunity to solve exciting and complex problems. He has worked on a variety of projects since joining Fehr & Peers in 2017, gaining expertise in design and operations analysis. Mark has partnered with communities throughout the Central Valley, including Stockton, Ceres, Merced, and San Joaquin County.

Ron Ramos, PE

Senior Transportation Engineer

Ron is a senior transportation engineer/planner and has worked in transportation since 2013. Ron has extensive experience with traffic operations analysis (freeways, arterials, intersections), including performance measure evaluation, needs assessment planning, and identification of adequate transportation infrastructure improvements. He is an active member of the Fehr & Peers Forecasting & Multimodal Operations Discipline Group and is considered an expert in a variety of traffic operations analysis software, such as VISSIM, VISUM, VISTRO, Synchro, SimTraffic, and FREQ analysis methodologies. Ron is also a technical QA/QC company-wide resource. In addition, he regularly provides in-house training courses on standard traffic engineering software and traffic engineering principles. Ron applies his comprehensive expertise to develop multimodal transportation system improvements for all users in order to create more livable communities.

Rodney Brown, AICP, PTP, RSP1


Rodney Brown is an associate with Fehr & Peers. He contributes a solid background in transportation policy and a strong multimodal focus to each of his projects. After joining Fehr & Peers, Rod quickly earned a reputation as a thoughtful and dependable project manager with a strong commitment to rigorous quality control. He has served as the project manager or lead planner on many complex transportation planning projects, including regional transportation plans, general plans, transportation impact assessments, active transportation plans, VMT analysis, and safety analyses. Rod has worked on projects throughout the Sacramento region, the Central Valley, and the Sierra Foothills.

Albee Wei, PTP

Transportation Planner

Albee Wei is a transportation planner with a Master of Science in Transportation Technology and Policy from the University of California, Davis. At Fehr & Peers, Albee focuses on multimodal transportation planning. She has served as the project manager or technical lead for infrastructure and planning projects in the San Joaquin Valley. Key projects include the I-580/International Parkway Interchange, I-205/Mountain House Parkway Interchange, SJCOG Congested Corridor Plan, River Islands Specific Plan, City of Manteca General Plan Update, and City of Lathrop General Plan Update. 

Where you can find us

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Our Local Contributions

Transit Planning

Evaluating the potential for new commuter bus services connecting the Los Banos area with the Silicon Valley for the Merced County Westside Bus Study and conducting a robust assessment of demand for the Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority Comprehensive Operations Analysis using our extensive experience with a wide variety of transit system planning services

General Plans

Updating the City of Stockton’s 2007 General Plan to evaluate the potential to reduce the extent of the circulation network and vehicular capacity on key corridors identified for bicycle travel by developing a new citywide traffic model sensitive to transit, bicycle, and pedestrian networks, as well as demographic factors such as household income

Campus Planning

Aiding the University of California, Merced in navigating numerous opportunities for growth and expansion since 2008 through a plethora of transportation-related projects, including circulation planning, long-range development plans, university community plan updates, transportation infrastructure planning, and annual traffic counts

Transportation Engineering

Working collaboratively with the City of Manteca, Caltrans District 10, the San Joaquin Council of Governments, and the project team to successfully complete the first Diverging Diamond Interchange in the state of California through assisting with the advanced planning, environmental document, and design stages

Transportation Forecasting & Operations

Partnering to ensure the successful integration of the 1,780-acre Cordes Ranch project at the base of the Altamont Pass into the City of Tracy using a collaborative and iterative process to determine the most complimentary transportation system, including the second Diverging Diamond Interchange in the state of California

Land Use & Transportation

Coordinating with the City of Lathrop to develop the City’s Travel Demand Model and SB 743-compliant VMT analysis for the River Islands Specific Plan (Phase 2) through traffic operations analyses for roadways and intersections, as well as safety analysis on par with Caltrans District 10 standards

California Senate Bill 743

Working closely with many public agencies and practitioners to help shift their approach toward transportation impacts under CEQA by delivering technically robust and locally appropriate VMT methods and procedures that consider land use context, local priorities, and practical mitigation solutions

Multimodal Planning & Design

Collaborating with the City of Manteca to develop an active transportation plan sensitive to the community’s modal priorities and needs through extensive outreach via bicycle and pedestrian mobility assessments and audits, a temporary demonstration project at a community fair, and online crowdsource outreach


Identifying and minimizing the impact of trucks traversing neighborhood streets to support the Port of Stockton’s environmental impact analyses for the West Complex, a proposed rail-served warehouse, and the expansion of an aggregate facility in the East Complex by leveraging data from a concurrent SJCOG truck routing and access study

Warehousing Logistics

Taking an unprecedented look into warehousing trip and VMT generation within San Joaquin County by developing a countywide VMT performance metric and working with Prologis to create a locally validated model for the International Park of Commerce, coordinating the collection of driveway vehicle classification count data at 40 warehouse buildings across the county