Fehr & Peers has a variety of methods for estimating GHG emissions based on a suite of state-of-the-practice tools and models. Whether you need a quick response estimate of the GHG effects of a given development scenario, or need to comply with the latest environmental regulations, our methods have been designed to answer a wide variety of technical questions for both land use and infrastructure development projects.

Land Use Development Projects

For land use development projects, you can complete your own general GHG estimate using our web-based application (intended for educational purposes only) or contact us to discuss the various other methods available depending on your compliance objective or level of desired confidence.

Infrastructure Projects

For infrastructure projects, we continually test new methods and the latest technical software. This is a quickly-evolving practice area and we maintain a comparison of available methods.


Detailed Analysis

Looking for even more detailed analysis? Click to learn about our web app MainStreet (powered by MXD+).

Learn more by contacting one of our industry experts.