Leverages MXD+

One of the most accurate tools that exists, MXD+ more accurately estimates vehicle trip generation in mixed-use developments.

Vehicle Miles Traveled

Per California’s Senate Bill 743, MainStreet provides a full accounting of on-site and surrounding effects of VMT.

Person Trips

MainStreet provides insight about trips by person, not just by auto, for a more complete picture of trip generation by all users.


A Full Accounting

Per SB 743, MXD+ provides a full accounting of on-site and surrounding effects.

Internalization Minimizes Trips

In the comparison slider below, the “before” scenario shows that a large grocery store (serving 3 neighborhoods) creates many inter-neighborhood trips.  The “after” scenario shows how three smaller grocery stores (one in each neighborhood) allow those neighborhoods to internalize trips to the grocery store – containing them within those developments, and minimizing any effects on another.  This is internalization.


Building on ITE

MainStreet integrates traditional methods within modern knowledge and current practices

Scenario Comparison

MainStreet compares analysis metrics of competing methodologies and scenarios of an individual project


7-Variable Sensitivity

Enhanced sensitivity for more accurate trip generation estimates than traditional methods alone

Clear Visualizations

Intuitive visualizations of MainStreet outputs provide a clear understanding of analysis


A Full Accounting

Per SB 743, MainStreet provides a full accounting of on-site and surrounding effects


MainStreet harnesses the power of Big Data allowing project attributes to be applied anywhere in the United States

Vehicle Trip Generation Accuracy

Higher accuracy means more environmental sensitivity, fewer needs for mitigation, more right-sized developments, and generally more predictable outcomes. MainStreet is one of the most accurate estimation tools that exists today, and it continues our commitment to the most accurate and valuable transportation planning and forecasting services in the industry.

Right-Sizing Roadways

In a recent situation where conventional trip generation methods would have led to a recommendation for a 5-lane roadway in a transit-oriented development, applying MainStreet allowed the client to have confidence that a 3-lane cross-section would provide sufficient capacity while better supporting neighborhood connectivity.

Validated Sites Across the U.S.

“The Method represents a drastic improvement over current methods…” San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), Trip Generation and Parking Strategies for Smart Growth Planning Tools for the San Diego Region

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