Incorporating the Safe System Approach


Safety in Transportation Impact Analysis

Cover of ITE Safety TIA

A commitment to Vision Zero requires institutionalizing a new way of thinking about safety, the Safe System approach, into everything we do. As transportation planners and engineers, one of our most frequent project types is a transportation impact assessment for new developments. How do we build land development projects that are not only accessible, but safely accessible, by every mode of transportation?

ITE’s new technical brief Essential Components of Incorporating Safety in Transportation Impact Analysis describes a comprehensive way for public agencies to incorporate the Safe System approach in project reviews. It can help transportation professionals to build proactive, multimodal safety considerations into transportation impact analysis reports. The brief describes eleven core elements with examples of impact methodology and a framework for selecting the methodology best suited for the jurisdiction and project. Mitigations and funding are also discussed, along with links to resources to further explore this topic.

Those who might be interested include:

Agency practitioners and consultants seeking ways to institutionalize safety and fund safety enhancements, including those looking to implement existing safety plans
Developers and consultants responding to development guidelines
Professionals and students learning about impact analysis practices

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