Better Data. Better Metrics. Better Decisions.

Tools to provide reliable answers to transportation planning questions, in a fraction of the time & expense needed to apply traditional modeling techniques.

FP Think

Helping our clients anticipate how disruptive forces in technology, demographics, & socioeconomics may affect their transportation planning decisions.

We Improve Communities

Our mission of Improving Communities is demonstrated daily in the engineering and planning work we do.

There was no guidebook for the S-Line: no national models.  It took outstanding and creative consultants, and you should enjoy the credit.  I plan to speak of your role every chance I get.

Robin Hutcheson, Transportation Director, Salt Lake City

ASAP: Better Data. Better Metrics.  Better Decisions.

  • Set up an effective Travel Demand Model
  • Make decisions about transit station location & amenities
  • Layout a new development project to minimize vehicle usage & greenhouse gas emissions
  • Change your agency’s transportation policies to support multimodal Complete Streets principles

“Our mission is to empower every employee to develop effective and innovative transportation solutions that improve communities.”