WTS San Diego Employer of the Year

Our San Diego office is honored to be recognized as the WTS San Diego Employer of the Year for 2019, and we are humbled as a firm to receive this award from an organization committed to the advancement of women in transportation for over 40 years. This is our first time receiving Employer of the Year from the San Diego Chapter and our seventh overall from other WTS chapters — Colorado, Northern Utah, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Puget Sound/Seattle.

Congratulations to Katy Cole, Sarah Brandenberg, Chelsea Richer, Cecily Taylor, Fatemeh Ranaiefar, Anna Luo, Jinghua Xu, Jolene Hayes, and our many other Southern California leaders who set the tone for our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive culture of empowerment. Thank you to WTS for this honor, and congratulations to all of the Annual Awards winners!

2019 Annual Awards Winners


Member of the Year

Sharon Cooney, Chief of Staff
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System


Employer of the Year


Innovative Transportation Solutions

San Elijo Lagoon Double Track


Technology for Transportation

Fiber Optic Communication Network Expansion Through Partnerships


Woman of the Year

Kimberly J. Becker, President & CEO
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority


Honorable Ray LaHood Award

Don Murphy, Associate Director
IBI Group


Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award

Nadia Nuñez, Community Manager
A Reason to Survive (ARTS)


Alternative Modes & Active Transportation

18th Street Complete Street


Pursuit of Excellence

Meghan Cedeño, Associate Engineer
City of San Diego

Fehr & Peers accepting 2019 WTS San Diego Employer of the Year

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