New development places new burdens on the local and regional transportation system, along with associated effects on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigating those effects can cost a lot of money. As we look at a potential development site, how do we figure out the mixture and placement of land uses that will minimize transportation impacts? Plan+ is a one-stop application that quickly analyzes the traffic and parking parameters for a development site, testing a wide variety of land use scenarios and focusing in on the scenario that achieves the greatest transportation efficiency.

How Plan+ Works

Plan+ starts with the powerful MXD+ application to estimate the trip generation effects of a land use plan, and combines those results with a VMT analysis and a shared parking evaluation, to get a holistic view on the plan’s potential traffic generation, possible trip reductions related to walk/bike/transit usage, vehicle miles traveled, greenhouse gas emissions, and weekday and weekend peak parking demand. All of the results are presented in a succinct, graphical form.

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