Research & Development

Putting our money where our mouth is

One of Fehr & Peers’ key differentiators is that we invest our own money in R&D-inspired initiatives to propel the state-of-the-practice.

Discipline Groups

Discipline groups are collaborations, between staff from all offices, that advance our knowledge and expertise of a specific technical area. They are charged with sharing trends with the rest of the company, establishing our best practices, implementing quality control procedures, and developing strategic research projects. Group leaders and members are actively involved in advanced project applications and meet throughout the year to collaborate on their technical area of interest.

Technical Initiatives

Our ideas for technical initiatives are usually generated from clients asking complicated technical questions that the current state-of-the-practice is not equipped to answer. Efforts range from developing our own quick-response software applications to gathering more rigorous data to increase the confidence in our predictive models. Our R&D program has developed a number of significant accomplishments in mixed-use (MXD) trip generation, transit patronage forecasting, bicycle and pedestrian planning, transportation-related effects on climate change, LED design, and dynamic traffic assignment models.