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Contributing to the transportation industry takes many forms for Fehr & Peers. Especially in times of need, working to enhance the industry doesn’t stop with project consulting. We’re also passionate about inspiring and advancing industry leaders and managers who guide transportation futures. Our Fehr & Peers subsidiary, Left Lane Advisors (LLA), promotes this for the unique needs of public agencies, private firms, and industry organizations. As an example, our longstanding partnership with Urban Land Institute (ULI) in Sacramento is influencing leaders and enhancing careers through an annual leadership program, and the 2020 session kicked off on March 11.

For the past four years, LLA has partnered with ULI Sacramento in providing a Leadership Development Program Series. This year’s four-session series focused on building solid, effective leadership and management skills that enhance career trajectory. Rooted in the organization’s dedication to leadership and growth, ULI Sacramento provides participation in the courses as an added benefit to designated-level sponsors. LLA President and Executive Leadership Coach Katie Miller brings her expertise across a variety of communication, management, professional growth, and conflict resolution subjects into the series, providing a robust and varied exploration into career development and effective leadership.

At the March event and over the previous three years, attendees have gained deeper insight into both professional and personal values, leading to promotions, new career paths, and heightened comfort in communicating with supervisors and teammates about important directions. Participants receive valuable insights and tools related to the following:

  • Deeper perspective and understanding of both professional and personal goals and values
  • Valuable methods and strategies for effective communication and navigating through conflict
  • Expansion of knowledge regarding the motives leading to behavior for both themselves and those around them
  • A reframing of what leadership actually is
  • Inspiration and advice for taking careers to the next level

Katie is continually inspired by this partnership with ULI Sacramento on the leadership series, and by working with so many people that are passionate about career and leadership development and growth. She believes wholeheartedly that leaders need to invest in becoming great for their teams.


The Leadership Series with Katie was a terrific experience. She provides so many tools that can be applied as soon as you leave the room, and even made herself available for a one-on-one consultation to go over exactly what you need to work on. Now I’m just hoping she puts on a graduate course! Amanda Frazier, Downtown Railyard Ventures


The leadership series with Katie was eye-opening. The series has helped me better understand myself and the people that work for me. It is very evident that Katie is an expert in developing leaders. This class with Katie is useful beyond the workforce, as it has helped me become a better husband and father. – Shawn Leyva, PE, Crawford & Associates

In response to the current challenging time surrounding COVID-19, Left Lane, in collaboration with ULI Sacramento Chapter, has adapted the leadership program into virtual hour-long sessions to continue providing support and helpful tools for leaders and managers navigating these uncertain circumstances. By dividing the leadership tools and information into categories of “day-to-day” and “times of crisis” approaches, Katie strives to strengthen skills and support in the areas needed most for participants as they navigate this uncertain time. LLA is also supporting individuals and groups across a wide range of positions and organizations during these trying times with pro bono one-on-one and group coaching. Learn more about how Katie and LLA can help your company, organization, or agency elevate its leadership and strength, even in difficult times, through broadened perspectives, insights, and communication styles.

Connect with us to learn more or visit the Left Lane Advisors website.

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