Communications & Engagement

We are communicators who speak transportation. Partnering with clients to unpack complex transportation concepts and transform them into insightful and relatable visuals and engagement connects us all with communities.

While we are well-known for our transportation planning and engineering expertise, we have enhanced that reputation by integrating compelling graphic design, visual communications, and active community engagement strategies into those services. Humanizing the data, results, and strategies of transportation issues into concepts which reach community members effectively takes projects from complicated to understandable for everyone. The Fehr & Peers difference in communications and engagement is rooted in customized understanding.

Reclaiming a Concrete Desert

Reclaiming a Concrete Desert

Learn how the once-touted largest single surface parking lot, now known as SDSU Mission Valley, is being reimagined. The new design is all about reducing the need for cars, improving mobility, and creating a vibrant, walkable, and bikeable environment for the local community to enjoy.

TrendLab+: Scenario Planning for Pandemic Recovery and Beyond

TrendLab+: Scenario Planning for Pandemic Recovery and Beyond

Our FP Think group recently completed an update to our TrendLab+ tool for forecasting travel demand effects of emerging trends in transportation, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging transportation technologies. TrendLab+ has been assisting clients across the US through presentations, workshops, and a wide variety of project analyses and assessments.

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We start with
the “why.”

Engaging in conversations with our clients to understand needs, visions, and expectations gives us insight to not only meet preferences, but to develop enhanced options tailored to diverse needs. We also partner with local experts and community-based organizations to gain a…

We meet people
where they are.

We recognize that not everyone is a transportation expert, but residents and leaders are passionate about their communities. Our approaches strategically reach everyone involved in a community’s project. Whether that involves distilling complex data into an interactive and…

We are effective

Effective visuals and outreach interactions hinge on intuitive, polished visuals that structure discussions, provide opportunities to inform and listen, and are crafted with the viewer in mind. With specialized areas of expertise in document design, data visualization, future conditions…

We prioritize equity
& accessibility.

Our communications and engagement philosophies are very people-centered and inclusive. We work to ensure equitable engagement through accessibility, understanding, and interactivity which serves the diverse needs of the entire community. Employing the use of translation…

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