Cullen McCormick Lays Tracks to DC

As the Visual Communications Discipline Group Leader for Fehr & Peers, Cullen McCormick enjoys seeing things from multiple perspectives. He traded the sunshine and beaches of Los Angeles for the brick sidewalks, afternoon rainstorms, and history of Washington, DC.

Cullen looks forward to serving our DC clients.

Having family on the East Coast and a fondness for the area, the move was natural for Cullen. He is enjoying all that DC and the Mid Atlantic have to offer, and everywhere he can go within a day’s travel. Cullen also looks forward to serving Fehr & Peers DC clients, helping them unpack complex transportation issues and using visuals that tell stories concisely and intuitively.

Cullen knows DC like the back of his hand.

Cullen traveled all the way to his new home by train, exploring Canada on a rail trip as beautiful as it was long – five full days. Though the Washington, DC area is a new home for Cullen, it’s not an unfamiliar place to him. He used to work for a company that made transit maps for DC Metro (WMATA) and other clients. From that job immersed in maps, Cullen learned the city like the back of his hand, even from thousands of miles away on another coast! Now, as he takes his office seat at Fehr & Peers DC, he gets to look out the window at his work still up all over town. Join us in welcoming Cullen to the Fehr & Peers DC team!

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