Crowdsource+ empowers community members to participate meaningfully in the transportation planning process. The Crowdsource+ map interface invites community members to provide location-specific suggestions, updates, and comments on infrastructure improvements and areas of concern. Understanding the limitations of other crowdsource applications, we built Crowdsource+ to enable our clients to efficiently receive this valuable community feedback. 

For enhanced inclusion and ease of use, Crowdsource+ is mobile friendly and allows multiple languages. Recognizing that communities and clients all have unique needs, we’ve also designed the tool to be customizable to client brand specifications and to offer non-geographic, custom base maps. The application is designed to be easy to use. Participants first select the represented theme from a dropdown menu, and then place points and draw lines or polygons.

Project Applications:

Solicit Feedback & Prioritize Recommendations

Seeking feedback from your community? Crowdsource+ offers an ideal solution. The tool is customizable to your project, allowing your constituents the opportunity to provide feedback and concerns about their community or prospective project.

Looking for community input about a Multimodal Roadway Safety Project?

Crowdsource+ enables you to request specific information:


I observe speeding drivers here.

This question would allow stakeholders to better plan traffic calming enhancements.


I would like to cross the street here.

This question would allow stakeholders to determine where crosswalk enhancements may be needed.


I would like a new bus stop here.

This question would allow expanded transit service opportunities or begin the conversation about first-mile and last-mile customer needs.


Maintenance is needed here.

This question would help to address potholes, uneven sidewalks, degraded traffic signs, and more.

Each question also allows the end user to enter in a description of the element being addressed, and can provide crucial contextual information for any project.

Trying to prioritize project recommendations?

Crowdsource+ offers your community opportunity to “vote up” project alternatives they prefer and provide direct feedback on each project type—all in one easy-to-use, web-based application.

GIS data collected in this manner allows for analysis of feedback, thematically or geographically.

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Client Perspective


“The Crowdsource+ tool was a valuable resource for Safe Streets Pinellas. It provided the public with an easy way to let us know their concerns, upload a picture, and upvote what other people noted. We were then able to analyze the feedback using clear categories and see how it looked when compared to other data sources – confirming things we already knew and providing suggestions for other areas to look into. What we liked most was how easy it was to use.”

Sarah Caper, AICP, Principal Planner, Forward Pinellas

Ready to gather feedback and ideas from your community? Contact us today to learn how we can customize Crowdsource+ for your project together.