Living Preview Highlights a Safer Taylor Street in San Francisco

Collaborating with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Fehr & Peers put on a one-day complete streets makeover on Taylor Street in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. This event was a pilot for living previews in the City and captured people’s imagination and invited them to participate in the planning process as they simply walked down the street, experiencing the full-scale street makeover and discussing the design with friends, co-workers and neighbors while conducting their daily lives. This one day complete street makeover created a fun and useful community event with detailed input from a broad cross-section of people who use the corridor daily while allowing the design team to refine and test design concepts. This and other similar safety-related projects are all key components of the SF Vision Zero Plan.

Through temporarily removing a travel lane and some parking, Taylor Street got a one-day complete streets makeover with…



Extending the sidewalk, the parklet spaces gave people opportunities to sit, gather, and enjoy.


Lots of Greenery

The Tenderloin has few trees and little greenery today. Bringing in trees and plants showed people what a streetscape makeover could look like. This was the most-loved aspect of the event based on feedback from visitors.


Commercial and Passenger Loading Spaces

By testing parking-separated bikeways with active passenger and commercial loading zones, we were able to take feedback from residents on a potential curbside management scheme for the corridor.


Separated Bikeway

To create a facility that would be comfortable for users of all ages and abilities, a separated bikeway was staged. Parked cars and a landscape buffer protected the bikeway from moving traffic. The separated bikeway also provided a buffer from moving traffic and reduced crossing distances for pedestrians.

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