Bringing Best Practices to the Contra Costa Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update

This paper was prepared to inform the Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update (CBPP), and summarizes recent innovations and current trends in bicycle and pedestrian planning through a series of brief fact sheets. Several topics included in this paper were crowd-sourced from Fehr & Peers staff. This paper is being released before a series of meetings with the Technical Advisory Committees of the Regional Transportation Planning Committees (RTPC TACs) and the planned online public town hall. These events will ask participants to provide feedback on the strategies presented in the paper to help inform the CBPP update contents and goals.

Fehr & Peers is pleased to share this document that identifies 23 potential strategies that could be added to and identified into the CBPP to achieve its goals. The strategies, some of which have multiple goals, fall into the following categories: Collaborate, Prioritize, Innovate, Improve, Involve, and Track.