Wasatch Front Central Corridor Study WebMap

The Wasatch Front Central Corridor Study is a groundbreaking effort to develop a long-term plan for Utah’s I-15/FrontRunner corridor with a multi-modal approach that integrates new infrastructure with facility management and extensive policy changes. Fehr & Peers is leading a multi-disciplinary team to analyze a wide range of performance measurements in the corridor that pertain to holistic corridor goals (i.e.person throughput, seat utilization, regional accessibility of jobs and education, household transportation costs, vehicle miles traveled & air pollutant emissions, active transportation mode split, economic benefits & impacts).

In order to more easily communicate and understand travel behaviors at 28 locations along the FrontRunner corridor, we created a data-driven webmap that automatically generates designed infographics to illustrate the key aspects.

The recommendations from the Wasatch Front Central Corridor Study will be integrated into the 2019 Regional Transportation Plan produced by MAG and WFRC.

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