Union Pacific Right-of-Way Trail Feasibility Study

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) decided to develop a new bike path in coordination with the County of Orange, Caltrans, and the cities of La Habra, Brea, Placentia and Yorba Linda – so a feasibility study was appropriate.  This trail was identified in the OCTA Fourth District Bikeways Strategy as a Class I Bike Path within both active and inactive portions of a Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way.  Other segments include paths through private property, along flood control channels, and short segments parallel to state highways.  Fehr & Peers created an Implementation Plan showing phasing of individual trail segments, preliminary geometry, cost estimates, potential funding sources, and photosimulations of possible scenarios that would help in public outreach and education.

To view before and after photos, click on the arrows and drag your cursor left or right.

We recognized early that public support would be a driving factor in getting these projects funded, designed, and built. We wanted to have something that showed not just what the facility could look like, but how much it could improve the existing conditions as well. These simulations are much easier for local residents to understand and digest than design drawings or concept sketches.

Orange County Transportation Authority