Trips DC Web App Tool

We partnered with DDOT (District Department of Transportation) to develop Trips DC – a custom web application and data visualizer that enables users to estimate trip generation for mixed-use developments (residential and retail uses) within the District of Columbia.  Based on our MXD+ trip generation tool, Trips DC is a custom tool that prioritizes DDOT’s preferences on variables, calculations, inputs, and outputs.

Trip DC has two primary experiences to help predict the likely transportation effects of different land use strategies:

  1. Users can browse spatially-driven heat maps to explore the context inputs for the model and the mode shares for a typical development in the District.
  2. Users can create custom scenarios for mixed use land development strategies (parking spaces, dwelling units, retail square footage) at certain parcels within the District, and see reports on likely generated AM and PM person trips, and AM and PM mode splits.


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