Iron Triangle Yellow Brick Road Walkable Neighborhood Plan

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In a 2008 summer youth program, a group of teenagers from Richmond, California’s Iron Triangle neighborhood were given the task of thinking of a project that would improve their neighborhood. They came up with a brilliantly simple idea: the Yellow Brick Road.

They envisioned Iron Triangle residents identifying key community places like schools, parks, churches, community centers, transportation hubs, and others, and then connecting those places with the Yellow Brick Road – a network of “safe, green, and clean” (their words) walking and biking paths designated by brightly colored yellow bricks, stenciled on sidewalks and roads. The Yellow Brick Road concept is now a dynamic model for neighborhood planning and creating safe routes to key destinations that can be replicated in other neighborhoods in Richmond and across the United States.

Fehr & Peers helped the community design and plan a “Living Preview” – a three dimensional, full-scale model of the proposed improvements using temporary materials (also known as tactical urbanism) – so that each neighborhood resident and stakeholder could experience the look and feel of the Yellow Brick Road first-hand and provide feedback on the design. The design was refined, and in February 2016, Richmond held a grand opening for their new child-friendly street design.

Grant Funding...

2016 - Super Bowl 50 Fund and NFL Foundation

The Super Bowl 50 Fund and NFL Foundation have granted POGO Park $50,000 to implement a child-friendly street design, part of the overall Yellow Brick Road project. This installation includes building a traffic-calming circle at the busy intersection that will force cars to slow down and allow thousands of children and their families to play on the street.

2015 - Caltrans Active Transportation Program

The Yellow Brick Road was awarded a $6,209,000 grant from the Caltrans Active Transportation Program in October 2015. This grant will allow for final design and construction of the first phase of the Yellow Brick Road project to move forward, creating connected and safe walking and biking spines through the Iron Triangle.

2012 - Caltrans Environmental Justice Transportation Planning Grant

The City of Richmond and its partners, the Pogo Park, Local Government Commission, and Dan Burden of Blue Zones, received a Caltrans Environmental Justice Transportation Planning Grant for the Yellow Brick Road from the California Department of Transportation in 2012 to further develop this neighborhood vision into a plan. Fehr & Peers and Vallier Design were selected to help inform the intensive community-driven visioning process used to develop the plan, and to prepare the detailed design concepts for many of the highest priority routes.

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