Tactical Urbanism Educational Video, City of Fremont

Tactical Urbanism is a strategy to quickly and inexpensively implement changes to the urban environment to make a small part of a city more safe, lively, or enjoyable.  We recently partnered with the City of Fremont on a tactical urbanism project in which we sought to improve safety for pedestrians at a well-used crosswalk.  Tactical urbanism strategies were used to speed the implementation and minimize the capital investment needed for those improvements.

Did it work?  We’re proud to say that it earned thank you cards from the immediately-surrounding community.  We also created a promotional video to help get the word out city-wide, and to the larger urban planning industry.  Strategies included:


  • Video capture, including aerial/drone videography
  • Interview management, coaching, and coordination with public official
  • Video and graphic production
  • Social media promotions

Video Capture Devices

Minutes of Raw Footage

Hours to Produce

Words in Script

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