Santa Clara Countywide Bike Plan Outreach

Fehr & Peers led the comprehensive update to the Valley Transportation Authority’s 2008 Santa Clara Countywide Bicycle Plan (CBP) for 2017. The update focused on providing high-quality, low-stress bicycle facilities that attract users of all ages and abilities, and help convert existing vehicle trips to bicycle trips. We engaged a large and diverse audience during the development of the plan. The outreach included:

  • Creation of a 6-foot tall cynlidrical roving exhibit, which helped carry the messages of the update, and inform citizens how they could share their insights.
  • Social media strategy
  • Workshop planning and attendance at local community eventstext based surveys in English and Spanish, an interactive web-map (, and a roving art exhibit that advertises the project.

Once the draft countywide bicycle network is developed, Fehr & Peers will prioritize the corridors and projects along the corridors with the focus on connectivity, latent bicycle demand, level of traffic stress, community support, and corridor versatility (proximity to a variety of land uses). The prioritization includes a data driven approach to evaluating potential bicycle demand and level of traffic stress.

Fehr & Peers has also developed two white papers as part of the planning process: Bicycle Innovations which includes information on innovative bicycle treatments beyond what has been discussed in the NACTO Guide and Super Cycleways which discusses the concept of “bicycle super highways.”

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