San Diego Association of Governments
Bicycle Wayfinding Signage

Fehr & Peers is currently leading the Bicycle Wayfinding Signage Project for the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). We are designing standards for regional wayfinding guidelines to promote consistency and compatibility between regional and local bikeways.  This project supports implementation of Riding to 2050: San Diego Regional Bike Plan by giving the opportunity to develop regional wayfinding signage that can be easily integrated with local signage.

Planning phases of the project have comprised a review of national and international bicycle wayfinding best practices, a summary of existing bicycle and pedestrian wayfinding throughout the SANDAG region—with an eye to how new signage would need to interface with existing deployments—and the development of a master list of wayfinding destinations.  The design portion of the project has included multiple rounds of conceptual signage design, each iteratively and collaboratively developed to meet the requirements of local agencies. We are also producing implementation-ready final sign designs and fabrication specifications along with a Design Guidelines document, which governs both the design of individual signs and the architecture of the signage network as a whole.

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