Reno-Sparks Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan


We assisted the Reno Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) with this region’s first-ever comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian plan.  As with many urban planning efforts, citizen engagement was critical to ensure that this new plan would effectively represent and incorporate local opinions and preferences.


We created a comprehensive project brand to streamline outreach efforts, and gave this project a public identity:

  • Designed project logo and identity package (MSWord templates, PPT templates, website)
  • Developed first-of-its-kind smartphone app to empower citizens in providing real-time, geo-coded feedback for easy GIS analysis
  • Designed promotional signage for regional transit
  • Designed and programmed WordPress-based project website for citizen education
  • Managed project social media presences in Twitter and Facebook
  • Highlighed in Government Matters as innovative and industry-leading project strategy

% Increase in Citizen Involvement

Visits to Project Website

Downloads of Smartphone App

This strategy earned “Best Practices” media coverage in Government Matters magazine.