Palo Alto Bike Boulevards Program

Web Presence

While working on their Bike Boulevards program, the City of Palo Alto decided that they needed visual communications resources beyond what they were commonly using.  We were one of a handful of consultants that the City asked to scope a strategy for elevating the web presence of their program to something that reflected its value for the City.  Our strategy was selected due to its inclusion of the following strategies:

  • Creation of a program identity package that aligned with the City’s existing identity
  • A WordPress-based strategy for website management to allow city employees to handle basic updates
  • A design that is modern and device-responsive
  • Social media integration
  • These natural extensions of our high quality transportation consulting

Web Map Survey

In order to engage the community, we launched a web map to empower citizens to provide their detailed feedback about specific elements of the bicycle environment in Palo Alto:

  • Various options for categorical feedback
  • Spatially-defined areas to guide feedback on the most relevant topics
  • Enabled sustained engagement over this phase of the project
  • Feedback becomes immediately available for integration into analysis