Metro Los Angeles Transit Station Area Opportunities WebMap

LA Metro’s Active Transportation Strategic Plan (Plan) is Metro’s county-wide effort to identify strategies to increase walking, bicycling and transit use in Los Angeles County. The Plan’s policy and infrastructure recommendations will require collaboration between Metro, local and regional agencies, and other stakeholders to ensure implementation. The Plan will focus on improving first and last mile access to transit and propose a regional network of active transportation facilities, including shared-use paths and on-street bikeways, and develop a funding strategy to get them built.

We developed this data-driven (450GB database, with more than 15 billion rows) webmap to help increase the understanding of 661 transit stations, so that effective strategies could be put in place to increase access to them via other modes – it automatically generates designed infographics that illustrate the key aspects:


  • 8 key demographic criteria
  • 9 statistical visualizations
  • Histograms to compare one study location to the other 661 stations

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