Durango, Colorado Road Diets Study

The Project

Fehr & Peers completed a study for two candidate road diets in Durango, CO along College Drive and 8th Avenue. These two streets serve as important arterial roadways in the college town situated in southwest Colorado. This analysis studied the feasibility of converting each four lane roadway into one lane in each direction with a two-way left turn lane in the middle. Due to the City’s high percent of recreational bicyclists and seasonal visitors, Fehr & Peers bicycle and pedestrian level of service tool (Streetscore+) was utilized in addition to vehicle level of service analysis.

In addition to Existing Conditions and an Alternative Analysis, a collision analysis was conducted so as to ensure the future safety of users on the two corridors. Fehr & Peers also collected transit data, analyzed travel time along the corridors, and collected origin-destination cell phone data to determine the destinations of users of these two corridors. Using this cell phone data enabled Fehr & Peers to measure the percentage of trips that parked along the corridor and those that drove through the corridor. Knowledge of this percentage and how users are utilizing the space informed the feasibility of reducing lanes along this arterial roadway.