Internship – Full Time

At Fehr & Peers, we are a team of entrepreneurial individuals empowered to collaborate, innovate, and develop creative solutions that improve communities. Our passion combined with our business strategy creates opportunities for personal and professional growth. We provide a robust intern program, with a focus on skill development and maximizing learning and experience opportunities. Interns in our program are exposed to a wide variety of engineering and planning projects impacting multiple modes of transportation.

Fehr & Peers interns take on tasks and responsibilities similar to those of our full-time, entry-level staff. Internships are available in all our offices for the semester, summer, or year. Our interns have opportunities to learn from staff at all levels, giving them insight into what their future careers may look like.  

Explore the role and gain exposure to the business 
Interns become exposed to a variety of projects and experiences, giving them a front-row seat to what it is like working as an engineer/planner in a consulting firm. They gain first-hand experience and get to know the team. Many of our interns return after graduation as entry-level employees. 

Learn with peers 
While many of our offices also welcome interns year-round, most interns join us during the summer. Our summer interns participate in a webinar series that gives an overview of our culture, areas of expertise, technical disciplines, and consulting fundamentals.  

Collaborate as a team 
Our offices are small enough to create close-knit teams and yet still reap the benefits of being a mid-sized organization, providing access to top technical experts from both down the hall and around the entire company.  

Learn through mentorship 
We ensure interns integrate into our culture right away by linking them with another employee to assist and answer a wide range of questions on various topics, including finding information, managing time, and accessing resources.  

Delve into the technical side 
Interns take advantage of opportunities to dive into project work and learn about a variety of technical topics. Early training opportunities include a variety of areas, such as travel demand forecasting, data science, signal design, travel demand management, transit, and much more.  

Have fun 
We also provide multiple opportunities to participate in the office culture and get to know our staff. Our offices enjoy getting together for a variety of events and activities, including family picnics, happy hours, philanthropic activities, Bike-to-Work Days, and sporting events. 


    • Conduct transportation analysis and write reports  
    • Participate in meetings  
    • Experience exposure to project management 
    • Conduct site visits and collect field data   
    • Explore the Fehr & Peers internal Research and Development program 


    • Junior or senior level in college education 
    • Completion of or current enrollment in a program pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in transportation, civil or electrical engineering, urban and regional planning, or a related major 
    • Coursework and/or extracurricular activities in transportation (highly desirable)