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This post shares an example
of shifting our R&D efforts
in response to COVID-19

Over the last few years, technology has enabled many disruptive trends, such short term residential or office rentals, micromobility, and transportation network companies (i.e. Uber or Lyft). As a byproduct of this, a vast amount of data has been generated. During the recent work-from-home order due to COVID-19, public officials and decision makers are asking many questions requiring quick analysis of large datasets to provide guidance on short-term actions. Many of the datasets and analysis methods are often cumbersome or time consuming to implement under normal circumstances. With most of the country working from home, the ability to quickly implement methods allowing for efficient data access, analysis, and information-sharing has increased in importance.

In partnering with our clients for transportation solutions, we often take deep dives together into data and analysis. The custom tools we develop through our Fehr & Peers internal Research and Development Program frequently lead to innovative and effective solutions. As a result, we have received many requests from our clients for access to the data, maps, and applications provided by our tools, which previously were only used internally. Recognizing the benefits that specific, valuable data and information may have for our clients and their communities, we are now pleased to offer a new service line: licensing custom tools with privacy and client focus in mind.

Licensing our tools provides clients with access to individual tool features and broadens usability. With our focus on client needs combined with greater access to the tool outputs, including customization, our project partnerships reach elevated levels to help guide informed decisions with our clients. Here is how we accomplish that:

    We focus on custom transportation solutions.

    Today’s questions cannot be answered with a one-size-fits-all solution. We deliver custom and effective transportation tools that combine decades of transportation planning, traffic engineering experience, and client interaction. Our cutting-edge research and innovative tool design quickly address client questions in ways that would not be possible with a standard technology solutions provider.

    We prioritize accessibility.

    Whether it be designing with consideration for varying visual and language needs, keeping ADA compliance requirements in mind, or using Cloud technology to grant access on the go, our tools are designed to ensure they are practical and beneficial to a wide range of users. The insights provided by custom tools may also be effectively translated to community engagement materials and information. We value the importance of bringing complex concepts into understandable solutions and options to the public.

    We take personal privacy seriously.

    Our privacy policy is continuously updated and implemented to protect the public, our clients, and ourselves. We do this by outlining the steps in protecting personal private information and defining what we own and what we are allowed to do with it. These processes ensure everyone is confident in the security of all data.

    We recognize that tools are not a stand-alone solution.

    Customized tools help us deliver the most relevant analysis for a region or area. We collaborate with our clients throughout the course of each project to leverage data and shape solutions that help them reach their specific goals.

    As we begin to flatten the curve related to COVID-19 and eventually return to work, many questions arise related to how quickly we will return to “normal,” which aspects of life under work-from-home conditions will remain moving forward, and to what degree it will impact how people accomplish activities and travel as they live, work, and play. To help guide the discussion, we have developed our TrendLab+ tool, which quantifies many societal factors relating to travel (for example, workforce participation) and their influence on vehicle miles of travel (VMT). A demonstration of TrendLab+ based on national data can be found here. We are currently conducting research based on recent activity and travel to include additional contributing factors and new performance indicators, and working with clients to customize the data and factors based on their local questions. This includes coordinating with our clients and customizing rapid-response tools to enable data-driven insights to the quickly changing world.

    Interested in taking new steps with our custom tools? Explore the links below for examples of tools available for licensing now and see what they can do for your project and your community.




    SB743 VMT Screening




    Keep watching our site, since more tools will be added in the future.

    For more information or to get started with customized tools for your community’s needs, Contact Us. Learn more about our expertise in Data Science and all of the custom tools developed by Fehr & Peers for multiple projects and approaches.