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  • San Jose, CA

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Our San Jose office seeks a mid-level planner/engineer to lead projects with a focus on land use, parking, transportation demand management, and CEQA. California in general, and Silicon Valley in particular, are leaders in the field of new strategies for land use and environmental planning. Innovation weaves into the culture of many clients in this region and reflects on the unique and interesting land use and transportation problems we tackle in our work. Managing projects in San Jose provides an opportunity to develop relationships with major developers and governmental staff in the region. Fehr & Peers prioritizes opportunities for growth, and the culture within the San Jose office provides multiple pathways for personal professional development. The San Jose team enjoys being social and holds regular outings and events, from bocce ball to happy hours. Come to San Jose to make an impact on this team and in far-reaching communities.

Learn About Our Land Use Transportation Project Manager Roles

We’re seeking Mid-Level Project Managers focused on complex land use transportation projects and multimodal transportation planning. This position takes on TDM plans, specific and general plans, preparation of CEQA documents, and multimodal site planning and review. The ideal candidate has experience with transportation analysis under CEQA, multimodal transportation planning, and the effects of land use projects on various travel modes.

This role offers experience and opportunities for innovation across a wide variety of land use projects, including residential/industrial/commercial development planning, travel demand analysis, development review, operational analysis, and transportation impact studies. At Fehr & Peers, our mid-level engineer and planner project managers build on an existing foundation of project management and technical skills, with an emphasis placed on rising to progressively higher levels of technical proficiency and greater degrees of management and leadership. Company-wide senior leaders and technical experts on the cutting edge of the industry support, mentor, and train the dedicated junior staff in our offices.

Within a highly collaborative and supportive environment, our teams partner with both public and private clients on a broad range of projects, so this position provides multiple avenues to broaden experiences and make a difference in communities. As part of our internally funded Research & Development program, we provide opportunities for staff to contribute to the advancement of our practice and the industry. Our focus on work-life balance and minimal bureaucracy allows our team members flexibility around personal commitments, empowers them to do their best work, and supports them in building lasting relationships both within and outside of the company.


    • Manage projects, analyzing and solving complex land use transportation planning and engineering problems dealing with multiple travel modes
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, using strong writing and presentation skills
    • Use a variety of software programs effectively
    • Make timely and informed recommendations to various stakeholders, including managers, municipality staff, private developers, other consultants, decision-makers, and the general public
    • Work on a variety of projects, which may include campus plans, multimodal transportation impact studies, site plan reviews, transportation sections of CEQA documents, TDM plans, impact fee studies, and local and regional transportation plans
    • Contribute to company-wide land use transportation research efforts, such as improving VMT estimation methodologies, fine-tuning trip generation methodologies for mixed-use infill developments, quantifying effectiveness of TDM measures, etc.
    • Mentor and train colleagues while receiving mentorship from senior staff
    • Manage projects and develop high-quality internal and client relationships


    • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in transportation or civil engineering, urban and regional planning, or a related major (e.g., geography, math, statistics, economics)
    • 3+ years of direct, relevant work experience in preparing transportation sections of CEQA documents and land use-transportation planning documents (e.g., general plans, specific plans, campus master plans)
    • Basic understanding of operations analysis (e.g., HCS, Synchro, VISSIM) and travel demand forecasting (e.g., Cube/Voyager, TransCAD, EMME)
    • Excellent technical writing and public speaking skills
    • Willingness to travel to other geographic markets as necessary
    • Professional license (highly preferred)
    • GIS experience (preferred)
    • Experience with project management and marketing (preferred)

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