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As Big Data becomes ubiquitous, our focus at Fehr & Peers is on providing our clients with the right data and developing the right analytics to help answer their more challenging questions and to ensure their plans are resilient to a rapidly changing future. We offer consulting services to the most advanced transportation technology companies and transportation agencies in the country. Because Fehr & Peers is such a data-driven company, our data scientists play a crucial role by uncovering the potential uses/biases from data sources or collection methods and clearly communicating key insights.  

Our specialization in multimodal transportation planning and engineering work for public-sector and private-sector clients offers a wide range of rich data, providing opportunity for exploration and creativity. Our unique company culture empowers individuals to collaborate, innovate, and develop creative solutions that improve communities. There are multiple opportunities available through data science, and roles are available in any of our offices. 


    • Work closely with project managers and engineers/planners to devise appropriate analysis methods and metrics, design robust and efficient processes, build visualizations, and tackle hard, open-ended problems that uncover opportunities for our clients 
    • Develop tools and coordinate with our IT staff to evaluate and implement infrastructure to scale and automate the analyses that enable effective achievement of our most common tasks 
    • Model regional travel trends with mobile device data  
    • Improve travel time, reliability, and/or safety by combining speed and collision data 
    • Evaluate video and LiDar for asset management and the influence on travel behavior 
    • Use a variety of industry standard tools for transportation analysis (TransCAD, Cube, VISSIM, and GIS) 
    • Employ data science and visualization tools (R, Python, D3, and SQL) for quality control and to communicate results to our clients 
    • Work with our own Fehr & Peers data science tools to provide customized solutions and insights to clients (click here for more details and examples)


    • Knowledge of transportation/planning theory and data 
    • Formal training through boot camp, BS, MS, or Ph.D. in a scientific or quantitative field 
    • Practical and applied work experience (consulting experience a plus) 
    • Ability to proactively engage staff across the company in sharing technical approaches and data sources 
    • Advanced statistical intuition and knowledge of varied analytical approaches 
    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to understand client questions and explain analytical results clearly and concisely (verbal, written, and visual) 
    • Knowledge of accessing data through SQL or similar databases 
    • Experience with Python, R, D3, or similar scripting language 
    • Ability to discuss options that balance budget, schedule, and accuracy to deliver results on deadline and come up with compromises to meet client and project needs 
    • Passion for learning and sharing to improve yourself and the team around you 
    • Application of web development (front end and/or back end) and GIS (desirable) 
    • Experience in working with large diverse data sets and distributed computing tools (desirable) 

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