Fostering a culture of collaboration, communication, and connectedness.

Why We Do Retreats

Fehr & Peers retreats are invigorating, culture building events. Since 1985, we have been holding companywide (all-employee) retreats at key points during our evolution as a firm. Retreats have served as invaluable forums for us to establish and strengthen relationships with our co-workers, reinforce our core values, and to remind us that we are truly one company with a common mission and shared vision for the future.

Retreat Themes

2017: What Moves Us
2014: Knowing More
2011: Retreatapalooza – Planning for the Next Norm
2007: Get Connected
2004: What’s Next?
2000: New Technical & Geographic Growth
1998: Training & Staff Development
1994: How Should We Grow?
1992: Strategic Planning

2017 Retreat Recap

The Basics

The 2017 Retreat was held on September 15 & 16 in San Diego, CA. All 240+ employees attended from around the company, eager to discuss the direction of our company around our central theme, What Moves Us.


Staff-led Breakout Sessions

Our staff were empowered to lead discussions on a series of breakout topics that were divided into four categories that extended from the purpose and value of our What Moves Us theme. The four session categories included: Strategically, Developmentally, Socially, and Externally. After each breakout session, leaders of those sessions wrote out the key takeaways and action items for staff to reflect on the next morning.

Making Connections in Tribes

With over 90 employees attending one of our retreats for the first time, we decided to facilitate our employees’ ability to integrate with staff from across the company in smaller groups. These tribes served as a consistent group with which employees were able to share retreat experiences, questions, and advice, as well as participate in a competitive afternoon of team-building.