At Fehr & Peers, we take pride in being an industry leader for the professional growth and development of our staff. Through a partnership with supervisors and companywide leaders, each employee can map out his or her own goals and take advantage of the variety of resources offered to accelerate their career growth.

Extensive Ways to Learn…

Take initiative and position yourself to experience increasing amounts of responsibility

Be inspired to work hard and excel

Pursue opportunities to make a difference

Engage in collaborative learning opportunities

Take advantage of personal and customized coaching

Learn by doing… and we’ll support you along the way. You’ll jump right in on technical project work and have opportunities to work on various project types, ask questions, and learn best practices for being an effective consultant.

Project Exposure
Within your first two years, you will be consistently exposed to various aspects of projects including completing the technical analysis, preparing plans and reports, developing proposals, managing projects, attending interviews, facilitating community outreach, and more.

Stretch Assignments & Technical Advancement
You will be challenged to stretch, not only by the range of project work, but also by hands-on participation in various company initiatives such as our Discipline Groups, Technical Initiatives, Leadership Development Forums, and Companywide Retreats.

Get Connected
You will be encouraged to connect with staff, senior leaders, and technical experts across the company right from the beginning, which may include working on projects in other offices.

“I was a consultant for Fehr & Peers in San Francisco and Seattle. I managed both of those offices at different times and I also led the companywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Discipline Group. Fehr & Peers is just an outstanding place to learn and grow, and learn not just about transportation (and really every kind of transportation project), but I also learned a ton about how to manage a business, and how to really coach, develop and manage people, which is something I fell in love with, probably also because of its complexity.” -Seleta Reynolds, General Manager, LADOT
(Quote source: Talking Headways Podcast)

We offer a multi-faceted program of formal and informal mentoring to support  every level of your career. Our program is overseen by Katie Miller – our in-house expert who is a certified executive coach, leadership consultant, and leader of our Left Lane Advisors subsidiary where we offer these types of services to Fehr & Peers’ clients and teaming partners.

New Hire Buddy Program
We will make sure you integrate into our culture right away by linking you with another employee who will assist you and answer questions ranging from  finding information, managing time, accessing resources, and taking time off. This program marks the start of your mentoring experience at Fehr & Peers.

Early Career Mentor Program
Increase your internal network in year two. Once you have the first year under your belt, you’ll have the opportunity to identify someone in another office to help further connect you within the company, a more thorough understanding of entrepreneurial leadership and culture at Fehr & Peers, technical knowledge, and career opportunities within the firm.

“The Early Career Mentoring Program invigorated my second year with Fehr & Peers. After every phone call with my mentor, Carly, I felt motivated to push myself to reach short term career goals and plan ahead for my long-term career development. Through the program, I gained a career champion, a confidant, and a friend.” – Emily Alice, Sacramento office

One-on-One Formal Program
We are invested in your long-term career development. Through an individualized program, we offer a formal one-year partnership with a companywide leader of your choosing to help accomplish your next-level career goals.

“The One-on-One Formal Program definitely is not an opportunity to have a leader in the company show one what to do while one sits back and takes notes. It was really up to me to identify what I wanted to accomplish, then work with my mentor, John, to establish a plan of attack for how we could work toward those goals together.” -Steve, San Jose office

Senior Leadership Coaching Program
The learning and mentoring doesn’t end after your first few years. Our senior leaders experience a rigorous, high-level leadership program through group activities and peer-to-peer learning. Group conversations touch on being an effective leader and manager, developing trust-based teams, holding others accountable, managing time, developing strategy with successful execution, managing conflict, etc.

One-on-One Executive Coaching
We recognize that even those at the highest ranks of the company will benefit from mentoring. The One-on-One Executive Coaching program is dedicated to the development of senior leaders, and is strongly tailored to the individual’s development areas.

If you are interested in learning something, we’ll find someone to teach you. We have an extensive and ever-growing library of courses available for you – some of which are delivered live and some of which were recently delivered and are therefore available on demand via recorded webinar.

Technical Skills
You’ll be surrounded by your greatest resources. Our staff work together to train and learn, spanning vast topics such as land use and transportation planning,; bicycle and pedestrian planning and design, transit, travel demand forecasting, multi-modal operations, ITS planning and design, complete streets, multi-modal safety, freight, equity in transportation, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from the experts on the use of the latest industry software tools, as well as contribute to the development of custom tools we develop for our clients.

Soft Skills
In addition to building your technical skills, we also invest in strengthening your “soft” skills related to communications, management, and leadership. We offer courses that cover a number of topics such as written and oral communication, project management, emotional intelligence, conflict management, etc. to support you in becoming an effective consultant.

Our History & Culture
Within the first 6-9 months of employment, all new staff participate in ‘Fehr & Peers 101’ – a day hosted by our CEO that consists of time for mingling with other new-hires from around the firm while learning about our company history through a classroom-based session and fun company trivia. Two times a year, all staff in each office also come together for a ‘State of the Company’ presentation from our CEO, sharing how we are performing and touch on existing and emerging industry themes and trends and how they might influence our future.

Primary Career Paths to Explore…





Fehr & Peers fosters a culture of continuous growth and learning.
With a strong core value of collaboration, you can expect consistent support from those around you as you to help define your path.

Explore Your Future.

Ask questions, try new things, and gain insight through experience to help define your path to success.

Try Something New.

Take advantage of exposures to new projects, technical leaders, and even offices throughout the company to broaden your skills and perspective.

Make Lasting Connections.

Mentoring and training doesn’t end with the course; these meaningful connections are meant to last.

Learn About You.

These opportunities are what you make it – many find a path to self-discovery, learning more about themselves, and growing as a result.