Autonomous Vehicles

How will autonomous vehicles (AVs) affect the evolution of our cities, the way we plan and design our multimodal transport infrastructure, and provide mobility to all socio-economic groups? Our FP Think group is tackling many of these challenging questions.

Our latest AV research & insights…

Autonomous Vehicles & Transportation Equity

While AVs harbor the risk of growing existing disparities, they also have potential to reduce current and future transportation inequity. Learn how policy makers and transportation planners can change the trajectory of AV impacts for the better by putting proper policies and plans in place today.

What Strategies can Reduce AV Impacts?

Current trends and market forces suggest that AVs will substantially increase vehicle travel and reduce transit use. Can countermeasures be applied that will prevent these impacts? Our modeling results suggest that such measures, if taken soon enough, can help mitigate the impacts.

What do Leading Transportation Experts Say About AV Travel in 2050?

We asked 27 leading transportation experts to predict a set of specific outcomes we’re likely to see in the world of autonomous vehicle travel in 2050. Find out more about our panel and key findings.

What AV Adoption Timeline Can We Expect?

In order to shed some light on this question, Fehr & Peers conducted a detailed review of autonomous vehicle (AV) adoption timeline predictions. Take a look at our latest predictions and key takeaways.

Will AVs Dramatically Increase Vehicle Trips and VMT?

Our updates research suggests AVs may substantially change vehicle and transit trips even under shared-use scenarios. See the results of our latest AV travel demand research.

Assessing the Effect of AVs on Freeway Operations

See the results of our latest AV simulation research.

What is the Potential of Automated Transit?

Our article in UrbanLand – the Magazine of ULI discusses how automated transit could have some surprising benefits. View the article.

Our AV Expertise Areas

We are leaders in evaluating and understanding the likely effects of AVs on our transportation system. Some of our key areas of AV expertise include:

AV Travel Demand Forecasting/Scenario Planning

How sensitive is your local or regional model to the likely effects of AVs?

Automated Transit Planning

What is the potential of automated transit in communities and on major transit corridors?

Curbspace Management

How can cities proactively provide and manage scarce curbspace resources in an autonomous future?

AV Policy and Equity

What AV policies should cities be considering now to address the potential equity issues associated with widespread AV use?

VMT Effects of AVs

How will AVs affect VMT in your community, and how can ridesharing and new technologies like 3-D printing and hyperloop contribute to reducing VMT?

AVs at Transit Hubs and as First/Last Mile Connections

How can AVs support future transit station design and effective first/last mile connections?

Land Use Implications of AVs

How do AVs effect demand for certain land uses, and how should AVs be integrated into transportation and land use planning efforts?

AV Readiness Planning

How can cities and agencies develop a clear, implementable strategy to guide and manage AV implementation?

AV Traffic Operations and Microsimulation Analysis

What effect will AVs have on congestion on local streets, freeways and around important activity centers?

AV Street Design Guidance

To what extent can AVs support Complete Streets principles and Vision Zero goals, and how should streets be designed in response?

Site Planning and Parking Design for AVs

How can new developments be designed to effectively accommodate AVs and provide the right amount, type and orientation of parking?

AV Project Examples

We have undertaken a variety of AV project evaluations for our clients. Featured projects include:

Alameda Countywide Multimodal Arterials Plan AV Assessment

Salt Lake City AV Demand Modeling

Washington, D.C. AV Demand Modeling

Bay Area AV Travel Demand Model Scenario Testing

San Francisco Automated Rapid Transit Evaluation

City of Los Angeles Transportation Technology Strategy

San Jose Diridon Station Master Plan AV Evaluation

Why is this Important?

Our FP Think group is working closely with our clients to tackle many of these challenging questions. If you’d like to discuss the potential implications of AVs in your community or region, we would love to talk.

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