The future is inherently uncertain, but we provide you with tools that allow you to speak confidently about potential outcomes. Our latest tool, CurbSpace+ allows you to put projects of varying sizes and use compositions through their paces in future vehicle fleet scenarios of your choice. Vehicle fleet options include TNCs and AVs. This first-of-its-kind tool then shows in real time how the number of vehicle trips and parking and passenger curb demand change based on your chosen land use and vehicle fleet scenario.

How CurbSpace+ Works

You Control Land Uses, Size & Setting

Test whatever you’re interested in – from a mixed-use building in the suburbs to a residential tower in the urban core.

You Control the Future Vehicle Fleet

Create custom compositions of privately-owned vehicles, for-hire vehicles (taxis/TNCs), pooled AVs, and privately-owned AVs.

Unique Scenarios

Optimistic about pooled AV use in the long term? Test your project in a scenario where pooled AVs have become the norm for vehicular travel.

Tailored Scenarios

Interested in the effects of increased use of for-hire vehicles or privately-owned AVs? Then tailor your scenario to match.

Custom Outcome Ranges

The tool outputs number of vehicle trips and parking and passenger curb demand changes based on vehicle fleet scenarios of your choice, which can be used to develop outcome ranges.

Simultaneous Use Translation

A particularly valuable feature of the tool is that it allows you to determine how your chosen scenario’s curb demand translates into simultaneous use, allowing you to size passenger loading areas to match.

Interested in other aspects of the curb?

Curbs of the Future

We recently partnered with Uber on two curb studies that reveal the potential to increase efficiency and productivity at and around the curb. Click here to explore our Cincinnati and San Francisco Curb Studies. 

ITE Curbside Management Practitioner's Guide

Fehr & Peers staff served as project manager and co-authors of the ITE Complete Streets Council efforts to develop a handbook for local jurisdictions on how to inventory, assess, enhance, and prioritize curb spaces to meet the multimodal demands at the curb in a safe and efficient way. The Practitioner’s Guide was envisioned to address key gaps in existing curbside guidance.

San Francisco Planning Travel & Loading Demand Update

Fehr & Peers and the City of San Francisco are conducting the first citywide, data-driven study of how land use development interacts with curbside loading, and developing a framework to estimate future curb demand in San Francisco. Resulting data provides a new foundation for how new development can plan for and accommodate changing loading demand for a variety of contexts.

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