VMT Generation
GHG Generation
Begin by entering the geographic area where your project is located. Enter in either land use quantities (number of dwelling units or 1,000 square feet of non-residential uses) or daily trip generation for residential, retail, office, industrial, school, or other uses. Land use quantities are converted to daily trips using Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation, 8th Edition data. Users can specify the average, linear, or logarithmic trip generation rate. The user can also manually enter daily trip generation for the different categories if the standard ITE categories are not applicable.

Select Geographic Area

Land Use Type Units Method Daily Trips
Number of Dwelling Units
Single Family (ITE 210)
Multi-Family (ITE 220)
High Rise Condo (ITE 232)
Other Residential  
Retail Floor Space (ksf)
General Retail other than those listed below (ITE 820)
Supermarket (ITE 850)
Bank (ITE 912)
Health Club (ITE 492)
Restaurant (non-fast food - ITE 932)
Fast-Food Restaurant (ITE 934)
Gas Station (ITE 945)
Auto Repair (ITE 942)
Other Retail    
Office Floor Space (ksf)
Non-Medical (ITE 710)
Medical (ITE 720)
Other Office    
Industrial Floor Space (ksf)
Light Industrial (ITE 110)
Manufacturing (ITE 140)
Warehousing (ITE 150)
Other Industrial    
Hotel rooms (ITE 310)
Movie Screens (ITE 445)
School Enrollment
Grade School (ITE 520)
High School (ITE 530)
College (ITE 550)
Misc Floor Space (ksf) not covered above

Total ITE Trips Generated
Total HH Trips Generated
Total Retail Trips Generated
Total Office Trips Generated
Total Industrial Trips Generated
Total School Trips Generated
Total Other Trips Generated
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