Vision Zero Los Angeles

Developing a Vision Zero policy to eliminate traffic fatalities in the City of Los Angeles by 2025 is a core goal of Great Streets for Los Angeles, the Department of Transportation’s strategic plan. Fehr & Peers partnered with LADOT to apply a data-driven approach to reach Vision Zero.

We conducted a technical analysis of the city’s roadway collisions and the primary factors that contribute to them, providing local decision-makers with crucial information to help them prioritize areas of the City with the most need for safety improvements. Fehr & Peers led interviews with peer agencies to gain insights into current best practices in technical collision analysis, countermeasure implementation, and project costing and funding. Findings from the review guided the development of collision profiles, which describe the most common and most deadly factors that influence severe and fatal collisions on city streets. We employed a rigorous statistical model, beyond what other cities currently use, to identify combinations of variables that together explain the presence of severe and fatal collisions. In collaboration with LADOT staff and stakeholders of the City of Los Angeles Vision Zero Task Force, Fehr & Peers identified an investment strategy to guide the City’s prioritization of Vision Zero projects and programs over the next five years.