Travel Behavior & Forecasting

Forecasting future travel demand is a crucial step in virtually every transportation project, providing the foundation for the detailed operational analysis and design that follows. Fehr & Peers is a leader in the development and application of models used to predict demand for all travel modes. We use the latest technology to efficiently develop and update models, and apply innovative techniques that allow travel demand models to capture the interactions between neighborhood-scale land use characteristics and travel patterns. We bring to modeling a deep understanding of not only the latest academic research and statistical analysis techniques, but also the real-world needs of the practicing planner.

Expertise in:






Big Data and Travel Survey Analysis

Travel Model Development & Application


High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Toll (HOT) Lane studies

Dynamic Model Validation

Congestion Pricing

Direct Ridership Forecasts


Travel Model Enhancements for Built Environments

Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models

Corridor & Systemwide Analysis

Integrated GIS Analysis

Impact Fee Nexus Studies

Travel Model Enhancements for Climate Change


Integrated Demand/Operations Models

Transit Patronage Forecasts


Recent Experience

Bay Area

  • San Joaquin Valley Model Improvement Program
  • Caltrans Transportation Modeling/Forecasting (Statewide)
  • Santa Cruz RTC
  • San Joaquin Valley MIP Phase II
  • Albany General Plan
  • Belmont Oaks Academy Transportation Study
  • Berkeley Highway 13 Corridor Improvement
  • Sonoma County Urban Footprint Modeling
  • Downtown Dublin Traffic Impact Fee
  • Madison Urban Footprint
  • I-680/SR4 Interchange Improvements
  • I-680N Exp Lane Conversion (8005/8001)
  • I-680N Design Alternative Assessment
  • City of Pleasanton Model Development
  • Inner Harbor Specific Plan EIR
  • Carlson Boulevard Crosstown Connection
  • US101/Holly Street Interchange PA/ED
  • Geary BRT Environmental Analysis
  • Valley Christian Fall 2015 Monitoring
  • SLOCOG Model Maintenance
  • Dumbarton Corridor Study
  • I-580 Shoulder Running Lane
  • SCC Transportation Modeling Tools
  • US101/Hearn Avenue PA/ED
  • SR132 West Freeway/Expressway PA/ED
  • SR84 Pigeon Pass PA/ED
  • Vallejo General Plan/EIR
  • Capital Corridor Oak to SJ Double Track

San Joaquin Valley

  • SR-99/Mitchell Road Service Road Traffic
  • City of Ceres General Plan
  • Origin-Destination Study for Highway 41
  • FresnoCOG Transportation Model Development & Support
  • KernCOG 2014 Transportation Model Update
  • Manthey Road Bridge Replacement
  • Lathrop Road Widening Project
  • Lathrop 2015 Engineering & Traffic Surveys
  • SR-120 Union Road DDI PA/ED
  • UC Merced Annual Traffic Counts
  • VMIP 2 San Joaquin Valley Model Improvement Program Phases I and II
  • SJV AQ Support 2014
  • SR-99 Lodi Widening PSR/PDS
  • Stanislaus County General Plan
  • SR-99 Interchange Improvements PA/ED
  • Stockton General Plan Update
  • I-205 Chrisman Road Interchange Study
  • TCAG Transportation Modeling Support 


  • Olympic Boulevard Signal Timing & Modification
  • Burbank Fee Study
  • Carlsbad GP Update
  • Diamond Bar I/C’s – TMC Report Card
  • NASNI McCain Signal Study
  • Coronado Left Turn Restrictions
  • Cudahy General Plan
  • Diamond Bar Citywide Traffic Count Inventory
  • Diamond Bar Before Study Time Travel Analysis
  • Diamond Bar CMP Highway Monitoring
  • Glendale TDM Update
  • SR-14 Interchange Forecasts
  • TIMP for the West Adams Community Plan
  • SR-60/Redlands Boulevard PSR/PDS
  • TCA Origin-Destination Analysis
  • OCTA 2015 Corridor Performance Report
  • OCTA SR-55 Between I-405 & I-5
  • OCTA/OCTAM AT Tool Development
  • Redlands General Plan Update & EIR
  • County of San Bernardino GPU & EIR
  • SBTAM Support FY 2016
  • US101 HOV & US101 Rehabilitation
  • Temple City GPU & EIR
  • West Hollywood Traffic Operations Study
  • Traffic Calming Evaluation for Eastside
  • Traffic Calming Evaluation for Norma Triangle
  • Wesminster GPU & EIR
  • Interstate H-1 Corridor Study (HI)

Sierra & Pacific North West

  • Thurston County Smart Corridor
  • Auburn Travel Model On-Call
  • Auburn Travel Demand Model Update
  • Federal Way TDF Model Update
  • 54th Avenue Interchange with I-5 Pre IJR
  • JAI Travel Demand Update
  • JAI FSEIS Preparation
  • Kenmore Parks & Transportation Improvements
  • Washington County On-Call TE & TP Support Services
  • Concurrency Program Development for King County
  • SR167 Travel Modeling
  • Port of Tacoma ITS Strategic Plan
  • Auburn SRA General Plan
  • Update to BCAG Regional Travel Demand Model
  • I-80/Richards Boulevard PSR-PDS
  • Elk Grove General Plan Update
  • Kings Beach General Plan TIS
  • I-80/SR-65 Interchange PA/ED/EIR/EIS
  • SR-7 0Corridor PA/ED
  • Pine Grove SR-88 Supplemental TOAR
  • SR-65 Widening
  • I-80 Auxillary Lanes PA/ED
  • Atlantic Eureka I-80 On-ramp Realignment
  • Sacramento: Rio Linda Bridge Replacement
  • I Street Bridge Replacement PA/ED
  • Downtown Riverfront Travel Time Study
  • SR-4/Wagon Trail Realignment
  • Calaveras County General Plan Update
  • SR-88 Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project
  • City of Woodland General Plan Remainder 


  • Transportation Performance Metrics for MNCPPC
  • DDOT MXD+ Phase II

Rocky Mountains

  • Wasatch Mountain Accord Travel Model
  • West End Multimodal Traffic Modeling
  • La Plata County Travel Demand Model
  • Region 5 Traffic Counts On-Call
  • Region 5 Traffic Operations Support Services
  • Wasatch Mountain Accord Visitor Travel
  • SR210 VMS Analysis
  • SLC Impact Fee Support
  • UDOT ICM Study
  • OC Tanner Pedestrian Study
  • I-70 Fiber Vail to Glenwood Springs
  • Madison Big Data (WI)

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