Transit Planning

Transit planning requires more than just expertise in transit. Fehr & Peers’ expertise in all modes of transportation allows us to bring a unique perspective to transit projects. We understand that, in order for transit to be effective, it must be closely integrated with other critical elements including land use, the roadway system, and the adjacent network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities. This multimodal approach has been instrumental in our success in this practice.


Developing routes and networks for urban transit systems

Using an all inclusive multi-modal approach


Optimizing the quality of trips for people

Transit Master Plans


High Capacity Transit

Bus Rapid Transit

Safe Routes to Transit

Transportation Studies


Light & Commuter Rail


Transit-Oriented Developments


Transit Signal Priority

Feasibility Studies

Alternatives Analysis



Ridership Forecasting


Recent Experience

San Francisco Bay Area

  • California High Speed Rail: SF to Central Valley Project Level EIR-EIS
  • Caltrain Electrification Project EIR
  • Santa Clara VTA LRT System Efficiency Study
  • Transbay Terminal (San Francisco) Master Plan
  • Diridon Station (San Jose) Master Plan
  • BART Metro Vision Ridership Forecasts
  • BART Station Area Plans (15 stations)
  • Better Market Street Study (San Francisco)
  • Geary Boulevard (San Francisco) BRT AA and EIS/EIR
  • Geneva-Harney (San Francisco) BRT AA
  • MUNI Forward (San Francisco Transit Effectiveness Project) EIR
  • Broadway Circulator Feasibility Study (Downtown Oakland)
  • Samtrans El Camino BRT Study
  • Palo Alto Shuttle Evaluation
  • Emery Go Round Shuttle Program Service Evaluation
  • Alameda Water Taxi Feasibility Study
  • San Mateo County Shuttle Business Practices Guidebook
  • Santa Cruz County Passenger Rail Feasibility Study
  • Santa Clara VTA Pedestrian Access to Transit Plan
  • MTC Safe Routes to Transit Program Evaluation
  • Solano Safe Routes to Transit Plan

Southern California

  • Union Station Master Plan
  • LAX Airport Metro Connector
  • LA Metro Bike-Bus Interface Study
  • Colorado Esplanade Design (Expo LRT), Santa Monica
  • Big Blue Bus/Rail Integration Study, Santa Monica
  • Expo Light Rail Extension AA/EIS
  • LA Metro Crenshaw Light Rail Project
  • LA Metro Purple Line Extension AA/EIS/EIR
  • Irvine Transit Vision& iShuttle Expansion Study
  • Culver City Bus Line by Line
  • Duarte Safe Routes to Transit Plan (Duarte / City of Hope Gold Line Station)
  • I-15 BRT Stations Active Transportation Plan (San Diego)
  • I-8 Corridor Active Transportation Plan
  • SANDAG Regional Mobility Hubs

Sac & Central CA

  • Sacramento RT Green Line/Downtown-to-Airport Line EIS/R
  • Sacramento Streetcar System Plan
  • Sacramento Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar Project
  • Unitrans Citywide Transit Signal Priority Plan (Davis)
  • Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks Shuttle Study and Service Plans
  • 65th Street/CSU Sacramento Station Area Plan
  • Sacramento County Low Income Transit Plan


  • Transit Quality of Life Study
  • Colfax Streetcar Feasibility Study
  • Denver TOD & Living Streets Initiatives
  • Denver Multimodal Access Plan (DMAP)
  • Denver Downtown Shared Bike Busway
  • Stapleton Station Area Plan


  • Central Wasatch Transportation Blueprint (aka Mountain Accord)
  • Future of Frontrunner Study
  • UTA First/Last Mile Strategies Study
  • Grand Valley Transit Operations, Route, and Schedule Analysis
  • Cache Valley Transit Short Range Plan
  • West Elizabeth Transit Feasibility Plan
  • Valley to Mountain AA
  • Southwest Salt Lake County Transit Study
  • Wasatch Front Central Corridor Study
  • TRAX LRT Airport Line and University of Utah Line
  • FrontRunner Commuter Rail Line
  • Sugar House Streetcar AA 
  • Provo/Orem Rapid BRT Corridor AA
  • Airport Line Light Rail

Pacific Northwest

  • King County Metro Long Range Plan
  • Sound Transit South King County High Capacity Transit AA
  • King County Metro Non-Motorized Connectivity Study
  • Snohomish County SWIFT BRT Project
  • Sound Transit East Link Light Rail EIS
  • Sound Transit Parking Pricing Study
  • East Link Light Rail EIS
  • Swift BRT Project, Snohomish County
  • I-405 BRT Corridor Plan, WSDOT
  • Redmond Transit Strategic Plan: Speed & Reliability
  • King County Metro Multifamily Park & Ride Study
  • 145th and 185th Station Subarea Plans
  • Lynnwood Transit Center Multimodal Accessibility Study
  • King County Metro North Downtown Layover Study

Eastern United States

  • Purple Line Project, Maryland DOT
  • Georgetown Gondola Feasibility Study (Washington DC)
  • Woodward Corridor Streetcar Project (Detroit)


  • Pearlridge Bus Transfer Center Design
  • Waipahu Rail Connectivity Design
  • Hilo Transit Center TIAR
  • Honolulu High Capacity Transit Corridor AA/EIS
  • Hawaii Superferry EIS

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