Telegraph Avenue

Improving safety through quick-build solutions.

Fehr & Peers helped prepare a complex, political, and community-driven Complete Streets Implementation Plan for a 2.4-mile segment of Telegraph Avenue in Oakland from 20th to 57th Streets. The complete streets redesign aimed to improve safety and provide a better balance of mobility and access for all users.

Fehr & Peers led the multimodal operations analysis to present tradeoffs and prepare concept plans that address the needs of all users on this major corridor. Level of service for pedestrians at crosswalks and data collection on driver yielding behavior informed crosswalk enhancement recommendations, and auto level of service analysis helped us understand trade-offs between accomodating regional throughput and providing safer, dedicated space for transit, bicyclists, and pedestrians. As part of the planning process, we designed and helped Bike East Bay implement a “pop-up bikeway” installed on Telegraph Avenue to demonstrate the parking-protected cycle track to users on Bike to Work Day.

Subsequently, Fehr & Peers developed an implementation plan, including a striping plan and curb management plan, to implement the cycle track and buffered bike lane segments with existing City resources using paint and flexible posts. Phase 1 of the project, a Class IV separated bikeway and crosswalk improvement, was implemented between 20th and 29th Streets in May 2016 in conjunction with planned repaving of the roadway. After nine months, the City completed the Telegraph Avenue Progress Report (see below), with supporting data and analysis from Fehr & Peers, which documented major safety and comfort gained in this nine-block segment, including a 40% decrease in collisions, reduction of vehicle speeds, increase in bicycle and pedestrian volumes, and improvements in perceived safety.

Fehr & Peers also worked with the City to secure additional funds for the project, preparing a successful Highway Safety Improvement Program Cycle 7 grant application for Telegraph Avenue to enhance and extend the roadway safety improvements to 40th Street, securing over $4 million in funding for design and construction.

Results of Multimodal Safety Improvements


For the first time in five years, there have been no pedestrian crosswalk collisions reported along the section of the street that was reconfigured.


The total number of collisions along the corridor decreased by forty percent in 2016 compared to the average number of collisions between 2012 and 2015.


There are 78 percent more people biking and 100 percent more people walking along the corridor than before the lanes were installed.


Median speeds there now match the actual posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour.