Other Technical Initiatives

Fehr & Peers has not developed its reputation as an innovative leader in the transportation industry by chance. Rather it stems from the creativity and problem-solving attitudes of our staff that are always looking to find a better way. To foster that environment, we routinely make significant investments of our own resources into advancing the state-of-the-practice in a number of important areas. Those investments occur in three primary areas, each of which is briefly summarized below.

Discipline Groups

Discipline groups are internal collaborations of staff across all offices dedicated to the advanced knowledge and expertise of a specific technical area. The groups are focused on sharing the latest information, establishing our best practices, implementing quality control procedures, and developing select research projects. Group leaders and members are actively involved in advanced project applications and meet throughout the year to collaborate on their technical area of interest. Our current groups include:


Research & Development Program

Senior leaders identify a series of high priority technical areas that we feel could be advanced with some of our own effort. Our ideas for these initiatives are usually generated when our clients are asking complicated technical questions that the current state-of-the-practice is not equipped to answer. Efforts range from developing our own quick response software applications to gathering more rigorous data to increase the confidence in our predictive models. Over the past several years, our R&D program has developed a number of significant accomplishments in such areas as mixed-use trip generation, transit patronage forecasting, bicycle and pedestrian planning, transportation-related effects on climate change, LED design, and dynamic traffic assignment models.

Fehr & Peers Labs

Fehr & Peers Labs is an internal initiative designed to create a culture of innovation in all aspects of the company. Rather than focus the investments on a select few senior staff, Fehr & Peers Labs empowers every employee to develop innovative ideas to advance the technical sophistication of our work, thus having direct benefits to our clients. Funded through our own resources, staff works in teams to brainstorm ideas, evaluate options, and develop innovative solutions that can be implemented throughout the firm.

If you are interested in working with a team of transportation enthusiasts, then you want to work at Fehr & Peers. We invest in our employees to provide skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to develop effective and innovative solutions to transportation problems that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Ron Milam

Principal-in-Charge of Technical Development

For more information, please contact Chris Breiland.