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Pedestrian Improvement Prioritization in San Bernardino County

Fehr & Peers led a team to prepare the Countywide Points of Interest Pedestrian Plan (PIPP) for the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA). The project aims to assist member agencies with the development of tools and guidelines for identifying, prioritizing, and implementing pedestrian improvements, including GIS identification of pedestrian activity centers in San Bernardino County. The project is yielding a data-driven yet transparent process and results that can be updated over time as projects are completed and land use changes drive new priorities. This project is meant to help agencies build capacity and coordinate project planning and implementation.

A key part of this effort is a robust framework for analysis using data collection to understand existing conditions through evaluating land use patterns, residential and employment density, transit service, collisions, and pedestrian count data. By synthesizing this data, our team will help SBCTA and member agencies better understand areas where investments in pedestrian infrastructure are likely to yield a variety of benefits through estimating usage for various land uses and transportation characteristics; pedestrian demand and network supply mapping; and safety analysis at both the systemic and local level. The Fehr & Peers team is also providing SBCTA with a cost estimating tool and data collection strategy that will assist future planning, grant application preparation, and project evaluation.

The San Bernardino PIPP focused on enhancing safety, comfort, and choice for stakeholders in the county by using a participatory and data driven process to identify…


areas of high pedestrian demand


pedestrian count and survey locations


collision hotspots


infrastructure improvements for each member City of SBCTA


stakeholder support

Point of Interest identification examples…

With many stakeholders interested in improving air quality, reducing traffic congestion, and enhancing quality of life, this project identified the areas where improvements are most suitable and most likely to yield substantial benefits based on usage patterns, gaps in the pedestrian network, and adjacent land uses. Having honed in on these areas, such as schools, parks, and commercial/civic districts, the effort included a pre-installation assessment of usage, safety, and user perceptions that can be compared against similar data that is collected post-implementation.

San Bernardino

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APA Inland Empire Award 2017

Innovation in Transportation Planning

Could your county benefit from a Points of Interest Pedestrian Plan?