Station Design & Planning


Fehr & Peers has been at the forefront of some of the most transformative Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) projects in the country, applying our knowledge and experience to shape and analyze TOD and station-area plans as well as design multimodal interfaces and estimate ridership.

We Work with Developers

to design effective Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

We Work with Cities

to ensure station plans comply with the City’s goals

We Work with Transit Agencies

to accurately forecast ridership

Travel Forecasting

We have expertise in evaluating the relationship between transit ridership and changes in land use, parking, ped/bike access, shuttle access, and connections with other transit service. We have also developed tools and approaches to estimate these relationships.

Access & Design

To ensure effectiveness, transit should be designed into its surroundings and multimodal access should be designed to be safe, effective, and sustainable.

Circulation & Operations

Transit operations can include complex interactions with other modes and require operational modeling expertise.
Travel Forecasting Services
Direct Ridership Tools

  • Heavy Rail, commuter
  • Light Rail
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Ridership and access mode estimation
Access & Design Services
  • Safe Routes To Transit/Station Access Improvement Plans
  • First Mile/Last Mile strategic plans
  • Bus terminal concept designs
Circulation & Operations Services
Multimodal Simulation

  • LRT/Streetcar
  • Bus transit/BRT
  • Ped/Bike
  • Commuter rail grade crossings
















Our Regional Station Design & Planning Contacts

Bay Area

Bob Grandy, Principal
(415) 426-2520

Nate Conable, Principal
(408) 550-7340

Andy Kosinski, Senior Engineer/Planner
(415) 684-7461

Sac & Central CA

David Carter, Senior Associate
(916) 262-7388

Southern California

Jeremy Klop, Principal
(213) 261-3063

Michael Kennedy, Senior Associate
(213) 261-3071

Pacific Northwest

Don Samdahl, Principal
(206) 576-4242

Aaron Gooze, Senior Engineer/Planner
(206) 576-4219

Rocky Mountain

Jon Nepstad, Principal
(385) 282-7056

Maria Vyas, Senior Associate
(385) 282-7062