Reliability+ Web Map

Reliability+ is a Fehr & Peers tool that transforms data from a variety of transit datasets (i.e. automatic vehicle location (AVL) data, Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) data, and General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data) into a versatile set of transit performance metrics.

In order to effectively visualize data from the M light rail line in San Francisco, we developed an interactive web map to communicate reliability and average speed statistics by time of day – the metrics are color coded by segment. The output from our tool can be visualized in a variety of ways in order to enable agencies to effectively communicate detailed information to decision-makers and the public.

The tool’s ability to transform large, raw data sets into actionable information is, at its core, what makes it so useful.  The data visualizations and the spreadsheets that the tool provides gives transit operations, planners, and engineers the information they need to help make transit service faster and more reliable.

Chris Pangilinan

Former Associate Engineer, Sustainable Streets Division, SFMTA