Fresno COG Transportation Needs Assessment

The Fresno Council of Governments Transportation Needs Assessment consisted of two primary tasks…

Regional Gap Analysis

The regional gap analysis was focused on the inter-city/community connectivity of the bike/trail facilities. Demand scores for such facilities were developed based on factors such as population/employment density, proximity to schools, transit stop, land use mixes, etc. The missing connections were then identified and projects were then prioritized based on the demand scores, proximity to Needs Assessment hot-spots and schools, and disadvantaged community status. A list of gap projects were recommended with different level of priority.

Connectivity and Accessibility Analysis

The Connectivity and Accessibility analysis was conducted for 10 hot-spots that were identified by the Needs Assessment Committee as the regional/sub-regional facilities that provides basic services to the residents. They include Fashion Mall, Fresno City College, the Superior Court, Coalinga Regional Medical Center, Sanger Walmart, etc. The Connectivity and Accessibility analysis was based on user needs, and was focused on the access to such facilities in the disadvantaged communities. The analysis covers all modes, including bike, pedestrian, transit and auto. Recommendation for improvements were made for each of the 10 hot-spots.