Candlestick Point & Hunters Point
Transportation Plan

For almost 20 years, the Candlestick Point area and the Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco have been in the planning phase to transform a formal naval shipyard and surrounding industrial area into a modern, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood.


New Homes

New Jobs

The transportation element of this plan was originally being done by another firm, but when challenges arose, the prime consultant began considering a replacement. ¬†They chose us as that replacement due to their perception of our high quality of work, and the natural extension of our visual communications expertise. ¬†That expertise enabled this plan to elevate from a standard report to a “lifestyle document.”

This document was distributed to the SF Planning Commission, the SF Redevelopment Commission, and the SF Board of Supervisors. It was approved by all three bodies and all future changes require additional approval by the SF Board of Supervisors. The Plan will be used by the Developers and City agencies to ensure that the individual components of the development are planned consistently. It may also be used by the developer as they seek financing to demonstrate that they have a well-thought and comprehensive plan for developing the site.