Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower every employee to develop effective and innovative transportation solutions that improve communities.”

At Fehr & Peers, improving communities is a central theme of our firm’s mission. We celebrate this theme internally each year by asking our staff to identify example projects they feel best demonstrate our success in making a real difference in our communities. We are pleased to share the video below to show select projects from around the company in 2013, including voice-over audio from our staff who were integral to each project’s success. Our focus on improving communities doesn’t end with our professional consulting – we support numerous non-profit and inspirational organizations.

Our Core Values

Core Values define the fundamental relationship between the company, our employees, and our business clients.  They are both internal and external.

Internal Core Values reflect this relationship through our most important resource, our staff. Our Internal Core Values are:

  • Fairness, generosity, respect, and openness We feel we are being treated the way we would wish to be treated by a company that emphasizes the dignity of the individual.
  • Personal growth and self-improvement We feel free to advance as far as our abilities will let us. We are constantly striving to improve. The company gives us the flexibility and support we need to succeed.
  • Collaborative environment We work in an environment that encourages sharing knowledge with peers and learning from them.
  • Flexibility that supports life balance We respect the need for flexibility in achieving balance such that work is an important, but not overwhelming, part of life.

External Core Values reflect our relationship with clients, competitors, and others outside the company.  Our External Core Values are:

  • Professional integrity and honesty We are respected as a trustworthy firm.
  • A problem-solving attitude We are known for using innovation and diligence to help our clients in significant ways.
  • Responsive and hard working We have a reputation for providing high quality, superior service that continually exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Operating Principles describe the foundational elements of our style of operation:

  • Entrepreneurship Each employee takes an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving, career development, and growing the firm.  They don’t wait to be told what to do; instead they take the initiative via innovation, creativity, agility, adaptability, and a sense of urgency.  The company’s responsibility is to provide guidance, encouragement, and resources, while the individual’s responsibility is to make things happen.
  • Autonomy/Accountability Each employee is given levels of autonomy commensurate with their position and their record of performance at Fehr & Peers, with a bias towards, “learning by doing” and taking educated risks.  Individuals are given the authority to make decisions and expect to be held accountable for the results of those decisions.  The company does not expect the outcome of all decisions to be perfect, but does expect all efforts to be characterized by: 1) high levels of collaboration and trust, 2) a company-first mentality, 3) a commitment to ensure mistakes are not repeated, and 4) a consistent effort to improve.
  • Self-Discipline Each employee takes full responsibility for fulfilling his/her commitments, thus minimizing the need for company oversight and bureaucracy and maximizing entrepreneurial potential.

Our Brand

Fehr & Peers is unique to many of today’s companies:

  • Bureaucracy is minimized—options prevail.
  • We actually measure the degree to which employees feel the company exemplifies its core values.
  • Collaboration counts—employees of all levels interact and share knowledge on a regular basis.
  • Work-life balance is one of our core values.
  • Employees have the resources they need to be successful—training, mentoring, project support, team-building activities, access to the latest software and technology, and access to experts in the field.

Our Vision

“Fehr and Peers will be the best transportation and traffic engineering consulting firm in the nation.”

By “being the best” we mean: Pre-eminence. When knowledgeable transportation professionals meet, they will agree that we are pre-eminent in the field.


When valued clients talk, they will say we offer timely and innovative solutions to transportation problems that provide significant value to our clients and improve communities.


When employees speak about Fehr & Peers, they will say our unchanging core values are vital to being “the best”.


When employees say that they work at Fehr & Peers, others will be envious of their reputation and opportunity.

First choice for professionals

When the brightest and best professionals look for work, they will come first to Fehr & Peers.


When professional leaders discuss innovative solutions to transportation problems, our employees will be in the forefront.


When market conditions, technical innovations and/or client needs change, we will be quick to react.


When other firms want to improve,they will try to emulate our success.


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